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911 is operating as normal. Some City of Portland systems were impacted. Call 3-1-1 or 503-823-4000 to help answer questions, take non-emergency reports, or make connections with City staff.

PF&R's Commitment to Equity

PF&R is dedicated to dismantling institutional barriers based on race, gender, disability, and sexual orientation and addressing those societal patterns that interfere with equitable City service delivery to all communities in Portland.

Anti-racism and equity are two of the City of Portland's core values

While there is a school of thought that says we should be “colorblind” and treat everybody equally, this ignores the historic exclusion of those not considered white and the need to recognize and value our differences. In the context of race, being colorblind marginalizes negative racial conflicts, cultural heritage, and unique perspectives of people of color. Colorblindness stands in the way of our necessity to address racial differences and difficulties—we cannot be colorblind until we address all the issues that color consciousness has created.

If you are interested in working for PF&R, you should understand the concept of equity. You can learn more at the City's Office of Equity and Human Rights' website found here: