Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Link to Apply

Portland has the most rigorous firefighter training program in the nation.

Do you have what it takes to be a Portland Firefighter?

Firefighting is only the beginning. Portland firefighters serve the community in many ways including fighting fires, providing emergency medical services, responding to hazardous materials spills, performing on specialty response teams, providing education to the public, investigating fires and enforcing code. 

Professional firefighters work as a team to protect life and property during all types of emergencies. You must be in excellent physical condition to meet the demands of the job. Firefighters work quickly, while handling heavy equipment for long periods of time and wearing special protective gear in hot and hazardous environments.

If you have a strong desire to help others and be a part of a growing and diverse professional organization, then begin your professional firefighting and emergency medical services career with Portland Fire & Rescue.

Please read our FAQ to find out important details on how to become a firefighter.

Frequently Asked Questions and link to apply! 
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Irene Concepcion-Sestric

Portland Fire and Rescue Recruiter