Eligible List FAQ

Updated July 8, 2024

Which eligible lists are currently valid and active?

Entry-level Firefighter Recruitment 2024-00172 and 2024-00173 is valid starting May 31, 2024.    

How will candidates on the final eligible list be notified if they are being considered for a future fire academy? 

Candidates for the July 2024 academy have been notified by email. The next fire academy is projected to start in January 2025, and candidates considered for that academy will be notified by email no later than July 31, 2024. The recruiting office will email candidates in ranked order. 

Please send any changes to your contact information to Human Resources at neogov@portlandoregon.gov 

I did not receive an email from Portland Fire & Rescue on June 4th regarding the July 2024 fire academy. 

Candidates who did not receive an email from Portland Fire & Rescue on June 4th will not be notified that they are not considered for the July academy. Alternate candidates for the July academy have been notified, and we encourage candidates ranked in the top ten (both lists) to check their emails daily as the selection process is fluid.  

Will Portland Fire & Rescue share where they are on the eligible hire list so I can better understand when I may be considered?

Not at this time. Portland Fire & Rescue will update the website after the initial hire from both lists. 

I am on the eligible hire list for entry-level firefighter: 2024-00172 or 2024-00173.  How many fire academies does Portland Fire & Rescue anticipate from this list?

We anticipate 2-4 fire academies from this list (subject to change).  Each academy may range from 12-16 recruits.  

How will Portland Fire & Rescue determine which list to select candidates from? 

Currently, there are two valid lists: EMT and Paramedic. The Chief of the Bureau will evaluate the department's operational needs, and candidates will be hired accordingly.  

What is the next step in the selection process?

Candidates being considered for an upcoming academy must complete a comprehensive background investigation. The Recruiting Office will email candidates (only those being considered for the upcoming academy) with detailed information about this step. 

Can I review my interview notes?

Portland Fire & Rescue's selection documents are not available for review.

What are the most common reasons I did not score well enough to continue in the selection process?

  • Responses:
    • did not provide adequate details
    • did not give relevant examples
    • did not answer all parts of the question
    • did not demonstrate transferrable knowledge, skills, and abilities
    • were unclear and/or difficult to track 

Is there any way to get feedback about my panel interview?

We cannot provide individualized feedback. However, below are some tips for future interviews.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice - As with any skill, the more you do it, the better you will be at it.  Practice with firefighters and peers with different careers to get a broader perspective and a range of feedback.  Repeated practice allows you to hear yourself articulate your thoughts, see if you speak clearly, and if your answers are relevant and impactful. Voice recorders/apps are useful tools as well. 
  • Find ways to calm your nerves during the interview.  Different techniques, such as deep breathing before starting, can often calm the nerves. 
  • Draw on perspectives from various experiences. 
  • Share details of your work, life, and personal experiences.
  • Communicate clearly in the interview. Candidates are not expected to be professional speakers; however, the panel must understand and hear the details of your experience.
  • Recognize if your answers to questions sound like you are summarizing your resume. We encourage you to share characteristics of yourself, along with experiences when these characteristics were displayed. 
  • Understand that interview questions generally do not have a wrong or right answer. Recognize when answering questions based on what you believe the panel wants to hear. Panelists want to hear your story.  Be genuine. Be authentic.
  • Understand your own biases and how they may reflect in your answers. 

How will candidates on the final eligible list be notified if they are being considered for a Fire Chief Interview?

Candidates must complete a comprehensive background investigation before being invited to the Chief's interview. Candidates will be notified by email. 

Can I get more information regarding the Fire Chief interview?

The Fire Chief Interviews will be conducted before the start of a fire academy, and only candidates being considered for that academy will be contacted by email. Candidates will only be invited to the Fire Chief interview in ranked order as vacancies occur and/or budget allows. The Fire Chief selection panel will interview candidates from the final ranked eligible list (candidates who have successfully passed all prior evaluation steps). The Fire Chief interview is pass/fail. 

Is there a projected number of hires in 2024-2025? 

Portland Fire & Rescue hires as vacancies occur and/or as the budget allows.  We anticipate hiring 30-60 firefighters in 2024-2025 (subject to change). 

When is the next firefighter recruitment?

Portland Fire & Rescue will update the website when new information becomes available. Sign up to be notified when the application period opens. View the FAQ page to view the requirements for applying. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Portland.gov

Who do I contact to update my personal information, such as phone, email, and address?

Please send any updates to Human Resources at neogov@portlandoregon.gov 

Who do I contact if I would like to withdraw from the selection process voluntarily?

Email Loan Tran at Loan.Tran@portlandoregon.gov and Karen Ehn at Karen.ehn@portlandoregon.gov