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About Us

Portland Fire & Rescue is currently comprised of 756 total employees with 699 sworn and 57 non-sworn staff with a bureau operating budget of over $90 million. 93 percent of the firefighters are male while seven percent are female.

PF&R provides emergency services to more than 580,000 citizens, protects about 150 square miles, and currently operates:

  • 31 fire stations strategically located through the city
  • 30 engine companies
  • 9 truck companies
  • 1 heavy rescue company
  • 2 fireboats
  • 1 HazMat company
  • 5 command staff (4 battalion chiefs and 1 deputy chief)
  • 1 paramedic rescue
  • 2 heavy squad which are dedicated to Chemical and Biological, Radiological/Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) response
  • Various support and auxiliary equipment (e.g. brush units, air and rehab units, water rescue craft (wave runners), ATVs, water tender, foam unit, etc.)

PF&R has several specialty teams that are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Water Rescue
  • Dive Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • High Angle Rope Rescue
  • HazMat Team
  • Marine Unit
  • Fire Investigations Unit
  • SERT Team Paramedics (Portland Police Bureau Special Emergency Response Team)

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We keep all communities protected through a combination of prevention, community health programs, and all-hazard response to fire, medical, natural disaster, and other emergencies.

Our Vision

All communities are safe from fire, medical, and other emergencies.

Our Values

Excellence - We are prepared to provide the appropriate response to every emergency.

Accountability - We earn trust by being accountable for what we say and do.

Resilience - We are ready for the future with sustainable practices and infrastructure. 

Prevention - We proactively create a safe and healthy environment for all.

Equity - We challenge ourselves to create an equitable environment for all.

Collaboration - We collaborate with partners to best serve our community.

Strategic Plans  

Annual Performance Reports


Firefighters have served Portland since 1883. Portland has experienced much growth throughout the years.  Through it all, dedication to service and the citizens of Portland has been the continuing theme.

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Contact Us

Chief's Office55 SW Ash Street503-823-3700503-823-3710Chief@portlandoregon.gov
Communications Section55 SW Ash Street503-823-3550503-823-3710Aaron.H.Johnson@portlandoregon.gov
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)4800 NE 122nd Ave503-823-3883503-254-9859ems@portlandoregon.gov
Hazardous Materials Coordinator1500 SE 122nd Ave503-823-3946503-823-3905-
Historic Belmont Firehouse / Public Education Office900 SE 35th Avenue503-823-3741503-823-3843BelmontFire@portlandoregon.gov
Investigations Office55 SW Ash Street503-823-3791503-823-3816-
Logistics1135 SE Powell Blvd503-823-4013503-823-4077logisticspfr@portlandoregon.gov
Main Office55 SW Ash Street503-823-3700503-823-3710-
Management Services55 SW Ash Street503-823-3700503-823-3710Kezia.Wanner@portlandoregon.gov
Operations55 SW Ash Street503-823-3700503-823-3710-
Prevention55 SW Ash Street503-823-3700503-823-3710FireMarshal@portlandoregon.gov
Public Information Officer55 SW Ash Street-503-823-3710fireinfo@portlandoregon.gov
Recruiter55 SW Ash Street503-823-3811503-823-3710Irene.Concepcion-Sestric@portlandoregon.gov
Training, Safety & EMS4800 NE 122nd Ave503-823-3890503-254-9858-