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Services and Resources for Fire and life safety

The Facility Permit Program (FPP) is designed to serve customers with on-going interior tenant improvements where facility maintenance, upgrade and renovations are frequent.
Fire performance art requires that both the artist and the venue have a fire permit. Fire performance artists must have a permit for each performance.
Permits are required for temporary events that may pose a fire and life safety hazard. This includes: events of 500 or more in an assembly building, 49 or more in a non-assembly building or fenced outdoor area, trade shows with six or more booths, and any haunted house.
Haunted houses or other similar installations such as fun houses, etc., which are set up for temporary use not to exceed 90 days, and if located inside a structure not designed for this specific use, shall comply with the requirements below.
Permits are required for the use of tents or membrane structures. These are temporary structures, enclosures or shelters, with or without sidewalls or drops, constructed of fabric or pliable material and supported by any manner except by air or the contents.
Fire performance art requires that both the artist and the venue have a fire permit. Fire performance artists must have a permit for each performance. The venue can get a single use permit or an annual permit.
Permit applications for laser use must include diagrams and drawings of the intended laser use.
A permit is required for use of lasers needing a federal variance. This includes use at concerts, theater performances, and other gatherings for entertainment purposes.
Fire permit application for the use of pyrotechnic or special effects at concerts, movies, plays, theatrical productions, etc.
The permit application must be submitted with the following required documents.
This program is purely voluntary and is offered to people with qualified disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, specifically those deaf or hard of hearing. This program is only for persons living within the City of Portland.
Permit applications for an assembly event must include a floor plan.
The Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications (BOEC) 2019-2023 Strategic Plan with the bureau's mission, vision, program areas, and five strategic initiatives.
These links will open the FPDR Directors Calendars for viewing or download.
PF&R members are currently deployed around the state at various fires and fire complexes.
Instructions on how to file a disability claim with Fire and Police Disability and Retirement.

Flood Safety

Flooding can damage property and threaten lives. Stay informed, be prepared, and stay safe. This information is useful if you know a flood may be coming. For long term preparation of your home, see How to Prepare if You Live or Work in a Floodplain.
This section provides documents related to : Budget, Reports, and Surveys.