Portland Samba Weekly Meeting

Drumming classes, rehearsals, and more! Note: contact Portland Samba before coming to CMC.

11:00 am 3:00 pm
Community Event
Samba drummers

EOA Collaborative Working Group meeting #1

Meeting topic: Context setting

10:00 am 12:30 pm
Available Online

Government Transition Advisory Committee Workplan Workgroup

12:00 pm 1:00 pm
Public Meeting
Available Online

Marquam Nature Park Volunteer Ivy Pull Event

Join PP&R and the Friends of Marquam to help restore Marquam Nature Park.

9:00 am 12:00 pm
Volunteer Event

Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee - September 2023 Ride Meeting

Join the BAC on this month's ride. This one will be in the Cully neighborhood.

10:00 am 12:00 pm
Public Meeting

Rainy Rider Photo Contest

Riding in the rain is not only possible, it's fun too! Text a photo of yourself and your bicycle in the rain to 888-520-0526 for the chance to win a waterproof prize.

Community Event

Filk Song Circle

Monthly meeting to share the music of science fiction and fantasy.

2:00 pm 5:00 pm
Community Event

Northwest Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting

12:30 pm 2:30 pm
Neighborhood Association Meeting

Neighborhood Listening Session on upcoming City Organization Chart hosted by Civic Life

Neighborhood Associations are invited to join Civic Life and the Mayor's office for a conversation about Portland Solutions and the future of Civic Life in the new form of government. A 30-minute presentation will be followed by Q&A.

6:00 pm 7:00 pm

Appellant(s): Kabra

9:00 am 10:00 am
Public Hearing
Available Online

Charter Transition Work Session

Previously scheduled September 29, 2023 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

9:30 am 11:00 am
Rescheduled Council Work Session
Available Online

Pre-App Conference EA 23-080512

4420 S Slavin Rd

10:30 am

Respondent(s): n/a

2:00 pm 4:00 pm
Rescheduled Public Hearing

Adjustment Committee Hearing


3:30 pm 5:30 pm
Public Hearing

Notice of Land Use Hearing LU 22-141452 AD

Adjustment Review
7290 SW 13th Dr

3:30 pm

Portland Utility Board Meeting

Portland Utility Board Meeting

3:30 pm 5:00 pm
Public Meeting

King Neighborhood Association Meeting

6:00 pm 7:30 pm
Neighborhood Association Meeting

Government Transition Advisory Committee Meeting #11 (Public Comment)

Topics include election methods and voter education. There will be time for public comment at 6:10p.m.

6:00 pm 8:00 pm
Public Meeting
Available Online

Homestead Neighborhood Association Meeting

Homestead Neighborhood Association meets on the first Tuesday of the month, 6:30 - 8:30 pm. No meetings in July and August. These meetings are open to the public. The Annual Meeting with elections is held in June.

6:30 pm 8:30 pm
Neighborhood Association Meeting

Wilkes Community Group General Meeting

6:30 pm 7:30 pm
Public Meeting

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