After a National Search Commissioner Chloe Eudaly Appoints Chris Warner New Director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Chris Warner pic

I am pleased to announce that Chris Warner has accepted my offer to be the new Director of the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).

In the fall of 2016, Mr. Warner joined the PBOT team as its Assistant Director. In July 2018, City Commissioner Dan Saltzman appointed him to be PBOT's Interim Director. Director Warner brings over twenty years of public sector management and transportation policy expertise to his position. As a policy and technical expert, he has worked at the local, state, and federal levels for Governor Ted Kulongoski, Senator Ron Wyden, Representative Peter DeFazio and City Commissioner Steve Novick.

I chose Director Warner because he shares my commitment to safety, equity, and sustainability, as do most Portlanders. He understands how difficult it will be to reorient our transportation system to meet the challenges of the future, and I know that he is more than up to the task. He knows our city, he knows PBOT, and he has the skills and experience necessary to turn ideas into actions.

Director Warner has earned a reputation for quiet competence and hard work, but I'm excited to see him assert his bold vision as he transitions into the permanent role. At my request, Director Warner developed and instituted a new protocol at PBOT to respond immediately to fatal crashes with safety improvements where needed and public notification. He also deserves credit for PBOT's Gravel Street Service that addressed a problem that has frustrated a generation of politicians, policymakers, and community members. Finally, the accelerated timeline on the implementation of Portland's Central City in Motion project is just one of many examples to come of what we can get done together when the values and vision of a Director and Commissioner-in-Charge align, especially with broad community support.  

The City of Portland's Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) led a nationwide search for a new PBOT Director. The search attracted talented national and international candidates. Twenty panelists from more than a dozen different organizations participated in the selection process.

Thank you to BHR, the incredibly talented and dedicated team at PBOT, and all the individuals who helped me make this important decision.

Let's get to work Director Warner!