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Commissioner Eudaly's Guide To Voting in Oregon

Eudaly's collected links to help people find the resources they need to vote in Oregon


Commissioner Eudaly's Guide To Voting in Oregon

November 2017 Special Election with local ballot measures on the ballot.
There are no candidate races.
 In Multnomah County, only voters in the Portland Community College District, Alto Park Water District and
Hillsboro School District will be receiving a ballot for this Special Election. 

Don't know if you fall into these districts? Click here to see a map

picture of oregon

Check to see if I'm registered to vote

lost ballot

Where's My Ballot?

register to vote

Voter Registration Form 

where is a ballot box picture

Where's a Oregon Ballot Drop Box?

Find Out Who Is On the Ballot

Who is in office now?

Inscripción de Elector de Oregon

Political Parties and Precinct Committee Information

Search for your local, state and federal districts and see your precinct and split

Voting Rights Information

Searchable information on elected officials (link is external) 

Find your state senator or representative (link is external)

Application to Remove Residence Address from Disclosure as a Public Record (link is external)

During a state-wide election use My Vote to learn:

  • When your ballot will be mailed.
  • If your voted ballot has been received by the county elections office.
  • Who the candidates are.
  • What measures are up for a vote. 

If you can't locate your voter registration record online, you may need to update your registration, which can be done through My Vote

You may need to enter a previous ZIP code to find your voter registration record.​​

For local elections at the county, city or district level, check your county website >​ 

Now That You've Voted: 

Track Your Ballot