Renter Relocation Assistance Ordinance

Portland City Council Agenda Thursday February 2, 2017: Agenda Item #105

Renter Relocation Assistance Ordinance

TIME CERTAIN: 2:00 PM – Amend Affordable Housing Preservation and Portland Renter Protections to add relocation assistance for involuntary displacements of tenants (Ordinance introduced by Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Eudaly; amend Code Section 30.01.085) 3 hours requested for items 105 and 106.

This proposal will have significant impact on renters in Portland by giving them additional resources to find replacement housing when their current living situation is taken through no fault of their own. Mitigating involuntary displacements allows communities to remain relatively stable, and creates a more equitable cost burden to low income families. Children are more likely to remain in their schools of choice, and adults are better able to maintain their jobs, their health providers, and their cultural connections.

Agenda Item #105 

Portland City Council Agenda  Thursday February 2, 2017.