Former Commissioner Eudaly's Accomplishments

Commissioner Eudaly delivers remarks from Congressman Bluemenauer's "Locked Out" press conference with Congressman Blumenauer and community housing activists and housing organizations
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Commissioner Eudaly championed affordable housing, tenants' rights, green and equitable transportation, climate action, and economic recovery for all four of her years on Portland City Council. Read through her accomplishments on housing & houselessness, the COVID-19 response, the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Arts & Culture, the Office of Community & Civic Life, Immigrant & Refugee Communities, the Bureau of Development Services, Events & Constituent Relations, and the Portland Police Bureau to learn more about Commissioner Eudaly's work on behalf of all Portlanders. 

Housing & Houselessness

Image of Commissioner Eudaly speaking to a crowd of tenant protection supporters and a banner saying "Keep Portland Housed"

Commissioner Eudaly passed landmark tenant protections, expanded affordable housing, prevented displacement, and advocated for a compassionate response to houseless community members. 


A group of young women participate in the global climate strike, with a prominent sign featured saying "the future will be green or not at all"

Commissioner Eudaly fought fossil fuel infrastructure, pushed for a stronger renewables commitment, and elevated youth voices. 

COVID-19 Response

Graphics of the different right of way use layouts businesses can apply for with a Healthy Businesses permit

Commissioner Eudaly spearheaded the eviction moratorium, secured funding for arts & culture institutions, and launched PBOT's Safe Streets & Healthy Businesses program. 

Arts & Culture

Image of Lionel Hampton and Rosetta Perry (Rosetta is playing the saxophone) from the Carl Henniger from the "We Had Jazz" Exhibition hosted by Commissioner Chloe Eudaly

Commissioner Eudaly's office exhibited over 100 artists and organizations and brought over 2500 people into City Hall, led the reform of RACC's General Operating Support program, and worked with Commissioner Fish to update the City's Public Art Code.

Immigrant & Refugee Communities

Photo of two children in a tree holding signs saying "We Are All Immigrants" and "Refugees Welcome" Photo Credit to Equity Corps of Oregon.

Commissioner Eudaly championed the Universal Representation Project, providing legal defense for Portlanders facing deportation, commemorated the life of Mulugeta Seraw, and supported funding for the Oregon Workers Relief Fund. 

Portland Police Bureau

Photo of the George Floyd Mural in Downtown Portland by Cameron Browne Photography

Commissioner Eudaly voted to end the City's participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, passed a resolution barring the PPB from working with the federal government, and advocated for additional cuts from the police budget to be reinvested in Portland's communities of color. 


An image of Commissioner Eudaly, her staff, and key PBOT and TriMet staff in front of Council Chambers with a cardboard cut out of a TriMet bus and a red carpet with Rose Lanes signage and red heart balloons.

Commissioner Eudaly developed the Rose Lane Project to reduce commute time for communities of color and get buses out of traffic, created the Musician Loading Zone Permit pilot program, and led the adoption of numerous comprehensive multi-modal transportation projects. 

Civic Life

The Civic Life Logo - Office of Community & Civic Life, Community Safety Program

Commissioner Eudaly led the City's first "Get Out The Vote" effort, secured census funding, and transitioned the enforcement, fear, and suspicion-based Crime Prevention Program to a Community Safety Program, which prioritizes the safety needs of communities underserved and historically surveilled by typical crime prevention programs.

Bureau of Development Services

An image of a man in a hard hat inspecting a construction site

Commissioner Eudaly appointed Rebecca Esau Director of BDS as only the second woman to lead the bureau, digitized the permitting process, and adopted regulations to protect Portlanders from lead and asbestos. 

Events & Constituent Relations

An image of three women looking at artwork created by Oregon Dreamers

Commissioner Eudaly's office produced over 50 events, bringing thousands of Portlanders into City Hall, answered and responded to thousands of phone calls, and communicated via email with over 100,000 Portlanders.