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Giant sequoia and coast redwood trees are often found in California. They can also be found growing in Portland's urban forest.
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The Ailanthus altissima tree is commonly known as a Tree-of-Heaven. It can quickly grow to be a big problem. This is a guide to identify it.
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A brief review of tree parts and how a tree functions.

Upcoming Events

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All monthly meetings of the Urban Forestry Commission are open to the public and community involvement is encouraged. The first five minutes of the meeting are typically reserved for public comments. Please check the meeting agenda ahead of time to confirm if time allows for public comments.
Classes and Activities
Spring has sprung, buds are bursting, and trees throughout Portland are coating the City in fragrant flowers! Register to join us on a Flowering Tree Walk this April.
Classes and Activities
It’s more than roses! Join Urban Forestry Manager Angie DiSalvo for a tour of 100 years of tree plantings at Peninsula Park.