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Notice of Receipt of Ballot Title for Measure Referred by Portland City Council

Public Notice
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Notice of Receipt of Ballot Title

Notice is hereby given that a ballot title for a measure referred by the Portland City Council to qualified voters at the May 16, 2023 Special Election has been filed with the Elections Office of the City of Portland on February 15, 2023.

The challenge deadline was no later than 5:00 P.M. on February 27, 2023. No challenges were filed.

The ballot title is as follows:



Renew Portland Children's Levy investment for five years.


Shall Portland continue early childhood, child abuse and mentoring programs; five-year levy $0.4026 per $1,000 assessed value beginning 2024?

This measure renews current local option taxes.


Renews the Portland Children's Levy investment at current rate; supports proven programs preventing childhood hunger, child abuses and neglect, helping children arrive at school ready to learn, providing safe constructive after-school alternatives for kids, and helping foster children and youth succeed.

Funds can only be used for:

Preventing childhood hunger: giving hungry children healthy food.

Child abuse prevention and intervention: addressing juvenile crime, school failure, drug and alcohol abuses, homeless youth.

Early childhood programs: making childcare more affordable and preparing children for success in school.

After school, summer and mentoring programs: promoting academic achievement, reducing the number of youth victimized by crime, increasing graduation rates, mentoring programs supporting transition to college and career for youth. 

Foster care programs: helping foster children and youth succeed.

Accountability measures include:

  • Investments subject to annual audits.
  • Programs funded must be cost effective and have a proven record of success.
  • Investments subject to oversight by a citizen committee.
  • Administrative costs cannot exceed 5%

The levy will raise approximately $24,944,855 in 2024-2025, $25,778,359 in 2025-2026, $26,603,267 in 2026-2027, $27,454,571 in 2027-2028, and $28,333,118 in 2028-2029, for a total of $133,114,201.


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City Elections Office

Becky Lamboley

Interim Elections Officer, Program and Operations Supervisor