Portland City Council passes elections code amendments, including ranked-choice voting

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image of downtown portland taken from across the Willamette River. A parallelogram with the words "Elections Press Release" is overlaid on image.
On April 19, 2023, the Portland City Council voted to pass amendments to City Code Chapter 2.08, Elections Code. Among other changes to the city's voting system, these changes will implement ranked-choice voting for the November, 5, 2024 General Election.

The amendment passing today will create historic change in the way City of Portland voters choose their leaders. The new code lays out the mechanics of using ranked-choice voting to elect all 12 City Councilors, the  Mayor, and the Auditor. The code also creates a new system for certification of write-in candidates, includes important definitions to increase clarity, and generally streamlines this chapter to make it easier to read and understand.

The work to get where we are today could not have been accomplished without the collaboration of many people, including the Charter Transition team, Multnomah County Elections Division, the City Attorney's Office, Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center, and others. A statement by the Charter Transition team can be viewed here.

The code can be viewed here. These changes will be implemented for the November 5, 2024, General Election, at which all 14 elected officials will be on the ballot.

Any questions or concerns about changes to the elections code or the general election process should be directed to the City Elections Office.


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