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Portland election maps and data

On this page, you will find maps and data related to City of Portland elections.
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Portland voting and demographics map

View demographics for the city of Portland by precinct, district, and neighborhood along with voter turnout for the most recent General Election.

Portland Voting and Demographics Map

Portland Voting and Demographics Map

Historic City of Portland voter turnout map

View voter turnout in the city of Portland for elections running from 2018 through 2023. 

City of Portland Voter Turnout Map (2018 to 2023)

Voter Turnout Map 2

City Districts (address search tool) - PortlandMaps

Use this map to find your City Council District by address.

City Districts -

Portland Maps

City of Portland Council Districts Map 

View City Council Districts and their boundaries. 


City of Portland District Precincts (Multnomah County) Maps

View which precincts are in each City of Portland district within Multnomah County.

Statistics for number of registered Portland voters by district

The total number of registered City of Portland voters by district for the most recent primary election on May 21, 2024, was as follows: 

  • City of Portland: 449,296


City Elections

City Elections Office