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On this page, you will find City regulations, forms, guides, and ballot information for candidates, campaigns, and the public.
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Note: For resources related to the lobbyist and political consultant programs, visit the lobbying resources page.

Upcoming City Election Dates

Primary Election: May 21, 2024 (No City candidates will appear, only City measures)
General Election: November 5, 2024

City Districts

See the Districts:  District Boundaries Map (Visual Map Outlining Districts)

Find Your City District: Portland Interactive Map(Address Search Tool)

Candidates and Candidate Elections

Running for Office

Run for City Office Overview

Candidate Filing Application (Online)(Portal opens June 5th, 2024)

Candidate Filing Application (PDF)(Available June 5th, 2024)

Candidate Filing Fee Payment Portal(Portal opens June 5th, 2024)

Campaign Finance

ORS Chapter 260: Definitions as of January 1, 2018

Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Petitions 

Secretary of State Recall Manual

Elections Charter, Code, and Auditor Administrative Rules

CharterChapter 3: Nominations and Elections
Article I General ProcedureOutlines general election procedures such as timing for taking office, primary and general election procedures, and the establishment of nonpartisan elections in the City.
Article II Initiative, Referendum, and RecallEstablishes City powers of initiative, referendum and recall.
Article III Campaign Finance in Candidate ElectionsEstablishes campaign finance regulations for City elections, including contribution limits and disclosures of large contributors.
City CodeTitle 2: Legislation & Elections
City Code 2.02 General ProvisionsOutlines the general provisions for City elections, establishes the City Elections Officer, and establishes the applicability of state law for City elections.
City Code 2.04 Initiatives and Referendum ProcessEstablishes the procedure for submitting petitions to place initiatives and referendums on the ballot for voters. It also establishes the procedure for placing City-referred measures on the ballot for voters.
City Code 2.08 Nomination and Election of CandidatesEstablishes City candidate qualifications, and the elections process with ranked choice voting, tie votes, and write-in candidates. It also prescribes the candidate withdrawal process, reaffirms the usage of nonpartisan elections for City offices, and establishes deference to state law for recall elections.
City Code 2.09 Accessibility of Candidate Debates and ForumsDefines the term "accessible" and requires accessibility for City candidate forums open to the public.
City Code 2.10 Campaign Finance in Candidate ElectionsImplements campaign finance regulations for City elections, including contribution limits and disclosures of large contributors.
City Code 2.16 Small Donor Elections ProgramThe City Elections Office does not administer the City’s publicly financed matching program. For all questions related to the Small Donor Elections Program (formerly known as Open and Accountable Elections Program or OAE), contact
ARAsAuditor Administrative Rules: Campaign Finance
ARA 13.01 Purpose, Authority, and ConstructionEstablishes the purpose, authority, and construction for administrative rules related to the City's campaign finance regulations.
ARA 13.02 DefinitionsDefines and clarifies terminology used in the campaign finance regulations.
ARA 13.03 Campaign Finance: Complaint ProcessCreates the process for filing complaints alleging violations of the campaign finance regulations.
ARA 13.04 Campaign Finance: Disclosure RequirementsClarifies the campaign finance regulation's disclosure requirements for City candidate elections.
ARA 13.05 Campaign Finance: Contribution LimitsDefines campaign contribution limits for City Candidates.
Appendix A for ARA 13 Campaign FinanceInflation Chart Appendix for Contribution Limits, Dominant Contributor Threshold, and Threshold for Requiring Certain Disclosures.
Appendix B for ARA 13 Campaign FinanceClarification Appendix for the definition of Candidate, Candidate Committee, Contribution, Expenditure, Independent Expenditure, and Political Committee. 
Administrative RulesAdditional Administrative Rules
ADM 2.01 Payment of Special Election CostsDirects the City to specify the fund or funds bearing the cost of a special election

Frequently Asked Questions

The City Elections Office fields many questions from voters, candidates, City employees, and elected officials. For answers on questions related to City elections, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are unable to find your question or for more immediate assistance, contact the City Elections Office at Our office generally responds within two business days.


View enforcement of lobbying and political consultant regulations that result in civil penalties.

View all completed campaign finance investigations.

For City Employees: Restrictions on Political Activities

City employees are restricted from engaging in certain political activities while on the job or acting in their official capacity. The City Elections Office has compiled a list of resources available for City employees. If you have further questions, please visit our Political Activities Section of our Frequently Asked Questions

Ethics Information Resources |

For questions about these rules and how they might apply to a specific situation, please contact the City Attorney's Office | You may contact City Elections Officer Louise Hansen at 503-865-6503 or for additional written guidance and training regarding the elections laws. For questions regarding activities allowed or prohibited while on the job please contact Ron Zito in BHR at

Restrictions on Political Campaigning by Public Employees (Oregon Secretary of State Manual)

For City Employees: City Referred Measure Guide

City Referred Measure Guide 2024-2025 (coming soon)

Other Jurisdiction Resources

The City Elections Office assists candidates and petitioners with the filing process, determines the number of signatures required for various City petitions, enforces the City’s campaign finance regulations, and enforces political activities for City employees. For any other questions related to elections, please refer to the County and State Elections Contact Information page to contact one of the various elections offices.

Oregon Secretary of State Manuals

County, City, and District Candidate Manual 

Campaign Finance Manual

County, City, and District Initiative and Referendum Manual

Recall Manual

County, City, and District Referral Manual

Restrictions on Political Campaigning by Public Employees

State Regulations

ORS 260.266 Statement of Persons who Paid for Communication in Support of or in Opposition to Clearly Identified Candidate

State Political Communication Disclaimer Requirements


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City Elections Office

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City Elections Officer