City of Portland 2022 Election Results

Coming soon: Official results for the 2022 November General Election for the City of Portland. Preliminary, unofficial results are available on this webpage in the meantime.

Elections Certification Process

When will the City of Portland announce its official election results?

The City of Portland resides in three counties: Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington. After election day, each of the three county elections divisions will continue to count ballots coming in that were postmarked by election day.

The counties are also reviewing ballots for any issues with voter registration, mismatched signatures, or missing envelop signatures. If a ballot has any issues, the county will notify the voter in writing and provide a window of opportunity for the voter to resolve the issue.

After the counties have completed these processes and counted all valid ballots, each of the three counties sends the City of Portland Elections Office the county vote numbers by the 27th day after the election (or by December 5, 2022 in the case of the November 2022 General Election). The City Elections Officer will then use the information from each county to calculate the City’s ultimate vote totals and then present those results to Portland City Council at the next available Council meeting.

The official results will also be posted on the City Elections website once available. 

2022 November General Election Preliminary Results

City of Portland Results

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County Results

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Clackamas County (Preliminary Results)

Washington County (Preliminary Results)

Statewide Results

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