Campaign Finance Complaint Instructions

This page tells you how to file complaints alleging violations of the City's campaign finance regulations.

File complaints using the link to an electronic form after reviewing the instructions below. The Auditor's Office typically issues decisions within 20 business days or less.

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File Campaign Finance Complaint Online

What to Include in Complaints

  1. Name and contact information of person submitting complaint - The Auditor's Office is unable to accept anonymous complaints. However, complainants may request to keep information confidential.
  2. Specific allegations and supporting documentation - The Auditor's Office accepts the following types of campaign finance complaints:
    • Political Communication Disclosure Violations (City Code Section 2.10.030)
      Required disclosures were not included on communication related to a City candidate election.
    • Contribution Violations (City Code Section 2.10.010)
      A contribution was given or received beyond the City's contribution limits.
    • ORESTAR Registration Violations (City Code Section 2.10.020 B.)
      An independent spender failed to register as a political committee in ORESTAR within the required timeframe.
    • Payroll Deduction Violations (City Code Section 2.10.010 C.)
      An employee was not allowed to make campaign contributions via payroll deduction.
    • Small Donor Elections Program Violations* (City Code Section 2.10.040)
      Prohibited funds were received by a candidate participating in the City's public campaign financing program.

      *The Small Donor Elections program (formerly known as the Open and Accountable Elections Program or OAE) is separate from the City Elections Office. To file a complaint directly with this program, contact

Where to Submit Complaints

Send required complaint information and any supporting documentation to our office: 

Email the City Elections Office   or 

File Campaign Finance Complaint Online

Timeline for Investigations

  1. Complaint Notice
    Issued to the complaint subjects within two business days of receipt of complaint.
  2. Material Submission Period
    Relevant documentation may be submitted for a period of 10 business days.*
  3. Determination Released
    The Auditor's Office will issue a decision within 10 business days* after the material submission period.
  4. Publication
    Recently completed investigations (complaints, responses, and determinations) are publicly posted on our Completed 2022 Campaign Finance Investigations page.

*If the Auditor's Office receives or issues a complaint within 30 calendar days of an election, both the material submission period and determination release date are reduced to five business days.