Change Police Accountability Commission deadline to August 31, 2023


WHEREAS, on July 30, 2020, the Portland City Council voted to refer a Charter Amendment to the voters of Portland that would authorize the creation of a new police accountability and oversight system; and

WHEREAS, on November 3, 2020, Portland voters approved the new Charter Amendment (Charter 2-10) with 81.58% supporting the ballot measure; and

WHEREAS, the City Council authorized a 20-community member Commission to develop a recommendation to Council for the details of the structure and framework for the new accountability system; and

WHEREAS, Resolution 37527 affirms the Council's commitment that "an inclusive, diverse community driven process is needed to develop recommendations to City Council for the structure and processes of the new oversight system" and in Resolution 37548 committed to "a community-driven process for recommendations to City Council for the rules, definitions, procedures, and other necessary details for the new police oversight system"; and

WHEREAS, the Council also noted in both Resolution 37527 and Resolution 37548 that "it is of critical importance that there be a lengthy, involved process where consideration is given to the complex topic of police accountability"; and

WHEREAS, Council established the start date for the PAC as December 9, 2021 in Resolution 37569, and the PAC is set to meet for eighteen months as established in Resolution 37527; and

WHEREAS, the City is a party to a Settlement Agreement with the United States Department of Justice, and Council approved in Ordinance 190694 amendments to the Settlement Agreement, which included that the Commission conclude its work "within 18 months of the date this paragraph is entered as an order of the Court"; and

WHEREAS, the amendments were entered as an order of the Court on April 29, 2022; and

WHEREAS, the Police Accountability Commission requested by consensus on December 8, 2022 that the Commission be granted more time by the City Council to finish its work; and

WHEREAS, the Police Accountability Commission has met diligently and frequently to fulfil the mandate given to it by City Council; and

WHEREAS, all City Council offices support the mission of the Police Accountability Commission, its efforts to date, and the importance of its work being successful:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council changes the deadline for the Police Accountability Commission by authorizing the Police Accountability Commission to work until August 31, 2023.

Impact Statement

Purpose of Proposed Legislation and Background Information

The Police Accountability Commission is tasked with developing a new administrative investigation and discipline system for Portland police, including the development of a community police oversight board as described in City Charter Section 2-10. The PAC held its first meeting December 9, 2021.

This resolution changes the deadline of the Police Accountability Commission from the City Council, requiring the commission to craft the details of the new police oversight system by August 31, 2023for presentation to City Council. This is the twelfth resolution related to the Police Accountability Commission.

Financial and Budgetary Impacts

There is no direct financial or budgetary impact related to this resolution.

Community Impacts and Community Involvement

The Police Accountability Commission is a commission comprised of community members that are working to craft a new police accountability system, including a new oversight board, that is mandated in City Charter. This Commission will continue to interact with other community members and will ultimately develop the details for a new police oversight system that will be run by community members.

100% Renewable Goal

Although it is incorporated into the sustainable procurement policy, this specific resolution does not impact the city’s use of energy or pursuit of the 100% renewable goal.

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240 Regular Agenda in March 22, 2023 Council Agenda

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Stephanie Howard

Mayor's Director of Community Safety

Police Accountability Commission Staff

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