Accept the Progress Reports on the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan for 2020, 2021, and 2022


The City of Portland participates in FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS), which rewards communities for taking action beyond the minimum standards required by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Communities are rated Class 1-10 (with 1 being the highest) based on an accounting of activities that reduce FEMA’s risk. Our current Class 5 rating provides a 25% discount on flood insurance for property owners.  Portland’s rating is higher than 90% of the 570 communities enrolled in FEMA’s CRS Program.  Portland’s Class 5 rating saves the community about $300K in insurance premiums every year.  About 60% of those receiving the discount are located in lower income neighborhoods. 

As part of the CRS implementation, the City receives credit for the Mitigation Action Plan.  To continue receiving this credit, the City reports annually to FEMA on the implementation of the Plan.  The annual progress reports for 2020, 2021 and 2022 are attached to this memo for City Council consideration and acceptance.  These reports are prepared by BES – the CRS Coordinator for the City – and submitted to FEMA as part of the CRS Recertification process.

Impact Statement

Purpose of Proposed Legislation and Background Information

Accepting reports on implementation of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan is an administrative requirement of the Community Rating System (CRS).  The CRS is a federal program that provides discounted flood insurance to residents of jurisdictions that participate in the CRS program, based on the rating that the jurisdiction achieves.  This item is being presented immediately following the adoption of the new Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan for the City.  It should take a very short amount of time.  

Financial and Budgetary Impacts


Community Impacts and Community Involvement

Adopting these reports supports the City's efforts to achieve a Community Rating System (CRS) score of 5.  A score of 5 means Portland homeowners are entitled to a 25% discount on flood insurance; this is a significant benefit to low-income homeowners.  

Another element of the CRS is public education of residents in floodplains.  Information about outreach efforts are included in the implementation reports.  

100% Renewable Goal

Not applicable. 

Budget Office Financial Impact Analysis

No fiscal impact.

Document History

Item 950 Time Certain in November 9, 2022 Council Agenda

City Council


Motion to accepted the report: Moved by Mapps and seconded by Ryan.
  • Commissioner Mingus Mapps Yea
  • Commissioner Carmen Rubio Yea
  • Commissioner Dan Ryan Yea
  • Former Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Absent
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler Yea

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Jonna Papaefthimiou

Chief Resilience Officer

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