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Accept the State of Housing in Portland 2022 Report



DATE:          March 3, 2023

To:               Commissioner Carmen Rubio

Copy:          Megan Beyer, Commissioner’s Staff Rep

                     Christina Ghan, Commissioner's Staff Rep

FROM:        Antoinette Pietka, Portland Housing Bureau       

RE:              Accept the submission of the State of Housing in Portland 2022 Report.


The Portland Housing Bureau asks the City Council to accept the State of Housing in Portland 2022Report.  A link is provided below. This report is an annual publication that provides stakeholders and policymakers with a comprehensive, real-time look at the state of Portland’s housing market by geography, housing type, and the relative affordability to Portlanders based on their income, household composition, race, and ethnicity

Impact Statement

Purpose of Proposed Legislation and Background Information

The Portland Housing Bureau asks the City Council to accept the annual State of Housing in Portland 2022 Report. The State of Housing in Portland Report is published each year to provide elected officials, policymakers, government institutions, community organizations, and other partners with the information to guide discussions and decisions on housing policy and resources.

Financial and Budgetary Impacts

Not applicable.

Community Impacts and Community Involvement

The State of Housing in Portland report blends historic data on households and housing stock with current data on housing production and the rental and ownership markets. The data is derived from many sources, including the Census Bureau, Multnomah County, Metro, the City of Portland, and several sources of market data. Given Portland' s changing market, it was important to all involved that the data used was the most current available, and possessed the capacity to be updated regularly. It is important to recognize that these sources are imperfect and routinely undercount vulnerable populations, including Communities of Color. Despite these limitations, the strength of the data sources is that are updated regularly. To whatever extent possible, the Housing Bureau will work to continuously refine the data sets utilized as it moves forward with this reporting.

100% Renewable Goal

This report does not impact the City’s 100% renewable goal.

Agenda Items

243 Regular Agenda in March 22, 2023 Council Agenda


Motion to accept the report: Moved by Ryan and seconded by Mapps.
  • Commissioner Carmen Rubio Absent
  • Commissioner Dan Ryan Yea
  • Commissioner Rene Gonzalez Absent
  • Commissioner Mingus Mapps Yea
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler Yea

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Date and Time Information

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30 minutes