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Proclaim September 2022 to be Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

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Whereas, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is celebrated every September to increase awareness that prevention efforts save lives; and

Whereas, Anyone can experience a suicidal crisis, but some populations are more vulnerable, including people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The LGBTQ+ communities are also at high risk, especially those who identify as transgender and, even more specifically, youth who identify as transgender. Other risk groups include youth, older adults, veterans, people in high-risk areas of employment, rural residents, and people with behavioral health challenges; and

Whereas, The City of Portland is committed to treating suicide as a public health issue. In addition to utilizing a behavioral health lens, a public health approach adds a complementary, more comprehensive, and prevention-oriented focus on addressing the many factors across the lifespan that can contribute to thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts. This approach offers opportunities to foster protective factors throughout a person’s life, supporting ongoing prevention before the prospect of suicide is imminent; and

Whereas, The City of Portland promotes positive actions that can prevent suicide, including behavioral and physical health care that is accessible and effective and supporting culturally specific and responsive services to support communities. By bringing together a public and behavioral health approach to suicide prevention, suicides can be prevented; and

Whereas, Suicide prevention is everyone’s business. You can get trained to help for free at Get Trained To Help. Most importantly, when an individual is at risk for suicide, help is available 24/7 by calling the Multnomah County Behavioral Health Call Center at 403-988-4888 or the national suicide prevention line 1-800-273- TALK (8255).

Now, Therefore, I, Ted Wheeler, Mayor of the City of Portland, Oregon, the “City of Roses”, do hereby proclaim September 2022 to be

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

in Portland and encourage all residents to observe this month.

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Item 758 Time Certain in September 14, 2022 Council Agenda

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Ness Zolan

Director of Legislation & Creative Economy Advisor

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