Proclaim January 2022 to be Portland Music Month

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Whereas, Portland’s diverse musical ecosystem has earned a national and international reputation as a music city; and

Whereas, Portland is home to thousands of professional performing and recording artists across all genres and styles, including Hip-Hop, Americana, Punk, Folk, Funk, Rock, Classical, R&B, Jazz, Metal, Electronic, and everything in between; and

Whereas, Portland is home to nearly a thousand music businesses, including instrument and gear manufacturers, studio and live production professionals, record labels, music distribution companies, record pressing plants, agents, booker and artist support services, and, hundreds of venues and other spaces where live music is presented every week; and

Whereas, unlike most recognized music cities, Portland’s music scene is locally owned and independent, with the majority of our venues and music infrastructure controlled by Portlanders; and

Whereas, the devastation of COVID-19 created a year without music, as artists and audiences were forced away from each other; and

Whereas, Portland’s music industry is a resilient and robust community that has survived a long time away and is eager to safely get back on stage; and

Whereas, the month of January 2022 will mark the next big chapter in Portland’s music history, definitively turning the corner on our year without music and embracing the next chapter of our story; and

Whereas, throughout January 2022, artists and local businesses will host hundreds of live events across the city; and 

Whereas, January 2022 will be the first opportunity for thousands of music lovers to safely return to Portland venues and experience live music again; and

Whereas, Portland musicians agree that it is not enough to simply return to performing on stages where inequities and biases limit which artists can perform and which audiences can enjoy live music free of discrimination and harassment; and

Whereas, Portland’s music industry is dedicated to building a more equitable music scene, leading with the voices of BIPOC musicians in everything that we do; and

Whereas, with thoughtful support by elected officials, local businesses, community leaders, and neighbors, Portland’s music scene can play a leading role in overcoming the challenges facing our city; and

Whereas, as City Commissioner Nick Fish once said, “There’s nothing inevitable about Portland’s success as a great music destination. We must act intentionally… or we risk losing the soul of our city.”

Now, therefore,I, Ted Wheeler, Mayor of the City of Portland, Oregon, the “City of Roses,” do hereby proclaim January 2022 to be Portland Music Month In Portland and encourage all residents to observe this day.

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