Proclaim April 24, 2022 to be Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

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Whereas, April is the month of Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month as it marks important anniversaries for multiple acts of genocide in the 20th century; and 

Whereas, April 24th, 1915 marks the initial stages of Armenian Genocide at the beginning of WWI.  Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month honors millions of losses from the Armenian, Jewish, Cambodian, Bosnian, Rwandan, Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Kurdish, Sudanese and many other populations; and

Whereas, On April 23, 1990, Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt proclaimed April 24th as the Day of Armenian Remembrance; and

Whereas, This has been of critical significance to the Armenian American population that’s been working to find itself and re-establish after the terrors they lived in the hands of the Ottoman Turks as well as their descendants; and

Whereas, Portland is home to the St. Kavork Armenian Apostolic Church of Oregon, serving over two hundred and fifty families; and

Whereas, There are approximately 300 Armenian families in Portland, both as direct immigrants and second, third, and fourth generation members of the Armenian diaspora; and

Whereas, With strength and resilience, the Armenian people survived and rebuilt their community. Over the decades Armenian immigrants have enriched the United States in countless ways, but they have never forgotten the tragic history that brought so many of their ancestors to our shores. We honor their story. We see that pain. We affirm the history. We do this not to cast blame but to ensure that what happened is never repeated; and

Whereas, Today, as we mourn what was lost, let us also turn our eyes to the future—toward the city that we wish to build for our children. A place unstained by the daily evils of bigotry and intolerance, where human rights are respected, and where all people are able to pursue their lives in dignity and security. Let us renew our shared resolve to prevent future atrocities from occurring anywhere in the world. And let us pursue healing and reconciliation.

Now, therefore, I, Ted Wheeler, Mayor of the City of Portland, Oregon, the “City of Roses,” do hereby proclaim April 24th to be

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

in Portland and encourage all residents to observe this day.

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Item 331 Regular Agenda in April 27-28, 2022 Council Agenda

City Council

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Ness Zolan

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