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Emergency Ordinance

*Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement with Multnomah County Department of Health Services for enforcement activities of specified animal regulations not to exceed $64,506 in FY 2022-23


The City of Portland ordains:

Section 1.  The Council finds:

  1. Under City of Portland, Title 13 Bees and Livestock, Portland residents may keep bees and livestock in an urban environment under certain circumstances and in a manner that supports the health and safety of people and animals, and reduces animal-related nuisances such as vermin, smells, noise, and property damage.
  2. The City of Portland, Title 13 Bees and Livestock states that it shall be the responsibility of the Director of Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, or the director’s designee (Project Manager), to enforce the provisions of this title.
  3. The City agrees to provide financial support to Multnomah County for efforts related to enforcing the specified animals title.
  4. The FY 2022-23 budget includes funding in the General Fund Special Appropriations for the above intergovernmental agreement.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:

  1. The Director of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is authorized to execute an intergovernmental agreement with Multnomah County Department of Health Services in a form substantially similar to the agreement attached as Exhibit A, for the purpose described in Section 1 in an amount not to exceed $64,506.
  2. The BPS Director is authorized to execute amendments to the intergovernmental agreement authorized in subsection a above, provided the amendments do not increase the City’s financial obligation. Any modifications that increase the City’s financial obligation must be authorized by the City Council.

Section 2.  The Council declares that an emergency exists because the existing IGA expired on June 30, 2022, and the City requires the County’s essential code enforcement services; therefore, this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage by the Council.

An ordinance when passed by the Council shall be signed by the Auditor. It shall be carefully filed and preserved in the custody of the Auditor (City Charter Chapter 2 Article 1 Section 2-122)

Passed by Council

Auditor of the City of Portland
Mary Hull Caballero

Impact Statement

Purpose of Proposed Legislation and Background Information

To provide funds to Multnomah County for enforcement services related to Title 13’s specified animal regulations and nuisance complaints in the City. The Ordinance supports the City’s policy for keeping animals and bees.

Financial and Budgetary Impacts

This legislation will not generate or reduce current or future revenue. The funding is included in the FY 2022-23 General Fund Special Appropriation.

No positions will be created, eliminated, or re-classified in the current year or future years as a result of this legislation.

The legislation will result in a new IGA between the City and Multnomah County Environmental Health Department.

Community Impacts and Community Involvement

As they have for over three decades, Multnomah County Vector Control will enhance livability throughout the entire city by continuing to provide enforcement activity for specified animals. The funding for this effort was included in the overall budgeting process that included public involvement when the title was updated in FY 2020-21.

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645 Consent Agenda in July 20-21, 2022 Council Agenda


  • Former Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Yea
  • Commissioner Mingus Mapps Absent
  • Commissioner Carmen Rubio Yea
  • Commissioner Dan Ryan Yea
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler Yea


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