Amend Portland Utility Board Code to make housekeeping changes to modernize language and reflect current practices (amend Code Chapter 3.123)


The City of Portland ordains:

Section 1.  The Council finds:

  1. In June 2015, Council passed Ordinance 187174, creating the Portland Utility Board (PUB) to strengthen oversight of the City’s water, sewer, stormwater and watershed services provided by the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services.
  1. The City Code for the PUB, Chapter 3.123, has not been updated to reflect the evolution of values and practices since the board’s creation.
  1. The PUB has reviewed the code and bylaws in recent years and identified several housekeeping changes required to modernize archaic language and reflect current practices of the board.
  1. The PUB established a board subcommittee to review the code and bylaws. The subcommittee’s recommended changes have been posted on the PUB website, considered and discussed in public meetings, and approved by the PUB.
  1. The PUB is requesting the amendments to City Code as provided in Exhibit A and will subsequently update bylaws to align with the code changes. The PUB will continue to review the code and bylaws for more substantive changes for future consideration.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:

  1. Portland City Code Chapter 3.123 is amended as provided in Exhibit A.

An ordinance when passed by the Council shall be signed by the Auditor. It shall be carefully filed and preserved in the custody of the Auditor (City Charter Chapter 2 Article 1 Section 2-122)

Passed by Council

Auditor of the City of Portland
Mary Hull Caballero

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Passed to second reading

Passed to second reading December 22, 2021 at 9:30 a.m.

915 Consent Agenda in December 22, 2021 Council Agenda


  • Commissioner Mingus Mapps Yea
  • Commissioner Carmen Rubio Absent
  • Commissioner Dan Ryan Yea
  • Former Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Yea
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler Yea


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