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Amend Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Code to update definitions and add exceptions to the residential franchise to allow special items collection, bottle bill container collection and junk removal services (amend Code Sections 17.102.020 and 17.102.150)


The City of Portland ordains:

Section 1. The Council finds:

  1. It is the policy of the City of Portland to reduce the amount of solid waste, both generated and disposed of, by promoting aggressive waste prevention and recycling activities. The City shall promote the development of environmentally and economically sound practices regarding the collection, processing and end use of solid waste, recyclable material and compostable material. In order to attain these goals and protect public health and the environment, the City shall regulate collection of solid waste, recyclable and compostable materials within the City.  In carrying out this policy, the goals of this Chapter are:
    1. To promote sustainability of the system of solid waste and recycling collection, by seeking to maximize efficiency, equity and economic vitality, improve worker safety and reduce environmental and human health impacts over the entire life cycle of the materials.

    2. To set and achieve recycling goals for Portland that are among the highest in the nation.

    3. To provide Portland residents and businesses the opportunity to recycle more materials through convenient on-site, curbside and depot collection programs and through the addition of recyclable materials to the curbside collection program as appropriate.

    4. To establish rates for residential waste collection which are fair to the public, encourage waste reduction, and promote safe, efficient collection.

    5. To undertake research, studies and demonstration projects on developing more efficient, economical and effective methods of solid waste reduction, recycling and collection.

  2. The Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Code is located in Portland City Code (PCC) 17.102 and housekeeping edits are required to update the code and align terminology with Portland’s local government partners.
  3. PCC 17.102.020 Definitions. The amendment to the term “Recyclable Materials” for the purposes of this Chapter of Portland City Code, clarifies this definition to include materials accepted in the residential franchise service.
  4. PCC 17.102.150 Exceptions to the Franchise. Creates additional exceptions to the residential franchise for compostable and recyclable materials and garbage collection. Consistent with the City goals of recovering more material from the landfill, keeping garbage rates low for all Portlanders, and creating equitable economic opportunities for small businesses.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:

  1. Amend PCC Chapter 17.102, Solid Waste and Recycling Collection, as shown in Exhibit A.
  2. As part of the next solid waste residential franchise review, BPS will work with the Waste Equity Advisory Group to analyze the financial impacts and policy of Exhibit A and, based on the analysis, identify whether Council should consider additional code amendments. BPS will present a report summarizing BPS’ findings to Council no later than the first week of September 2022.

An ordinance when passed by the Council shall be signed by the Auditor. It shall be carefully filed and preserved in the custody of the Auditor (City Charter Chapter 2 Article 1 Section 2-122)

Passed by Council

Auditor of the City of Portland
Mary Hull Caballero

Impact Statement

Budget Office Financial Impact Analysis

This Ordinance updates the City of Portland's Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Code to include additional exceptions to the residential franchise, including special items collection, bottle bill container collection, and junk removal services. The bureau states that proposed additional exceptions to the franchise will increase recycling and reuse options for residents, without raising collection rates and does not have any direct financial impact.

Agenda Items

Passed to second reading

Passed to second reading October 6, 2021 at 9:30 a.m.

735 Regular Agenda in October 6, 2021 Council Agenda


  • Commissioner Mingus Mapps Yea
  • Commissioner Carmen Rubio Absent
  • Commissioner Dan Ryan Yea
  • Former Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Yea
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler Yea


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