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Upcoming Agenda Items and Notable Meetings

Upcoming agenda items for City Council meetings include confirmed times certain. Notable meetings include City Council work sessions, executive sessions, public hearings and public meetings. Schedules are subject to change.
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Upcoming Agenda Items for City Council Meetings

Last updated June 15, 2021

Times Certain are Council agenda items of public interest and indicate that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time stated. The Time Certain schedule is subject to change.

June 23, 2021

9:45 am

Summer Activation Activities Update  (30 minutes requested)

Justin Douglas

10:15 am

Pride Month Proclamation  (30 minutes requested)

Aja Blair

10:45 am

Food Cartology 2021: Recovery in Central City  (30 minutes requested)

Shannon Carney

2:00 pm

Annual Bull Run Filtration Report  (1 hour requested)

David Peters & Michelle Cheek

3:00 pm

Bond Oversight Committee Annual Report  (30 minutes requested)

Tanya Wolfersperger

3:30 pm

Design Overlay Zone Amendment Policy Proposal  (30 minutes requested)

Sandra Wood

4:00 pm

Portland Streetcar Operating Agreement and Grant  (30 minutes requested)

Catherine Ciarlo

June 30, 2021

9:45 am

Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission Budget Hearing rescheduled from 6/16  (45 minutes requested)

Elisabeth Perez

10:30 am

Design Overlay Zone Amendment Policy Proposal  (10 minutes requested)

Sandra Wood

2:00 pm

LU 21-029602 DM AD – Blanchet House Demolition  (90 minutes requested)

Tim Heron

July 7, 2021

2:00 pm

South Park Blocks Master Plan Resolution  (1 hour 45 minutes requested)

Cynthia Castro

July 14, 2021

9:45 am

Regional Arts & Culture Council Art Services  (30 minutes requested)

Jeff Hawthorne

July 21, 2021

9:45 am

Portland Bureau of Transportation American Disabilities Act Transition Plan  (30 minutes requested)

Lisa Strader

Upcoming City Council Work Sessions and Other Notable Meetings

Notable Meetings include City Council Work Sessions, Executive Sessions, Public Hearings and Public Meetings.