Upcoming Council meetings and work sessions

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City Council holds regular weekly meetings on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. with Wednesday and Thursday afternoon sessions as needed. Council also meets for work sessions, executive sessions, and other notable meetings where information is presented and discussed, but no legislative action is taken.
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Council Meetings

Upcoming Council Meetings

City Council will meet virtually starting November 29 while Council Chambers are closed for renovations. Space is available for community members to watch council meetings and provide public testimony in the Lizzie Weeks Room at the Portland Building located at 1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Room 100, Portland, OR 97204In-person Council meetings will resume at the City’s Development Services Building in mid-January 2024.

View council meetings scheduled for the current week on the Council Agenda. Council meetings are live streamed on the City's YouTube channel, and previous meetings are also available. Council meetings are cablecast live on City Net 30, Portland Community Media television (Xfinity channel 30 and 330 HD). CityNet is also available to watch live on the Open Signal website.

Work Sessions

Upcoming Work Sessions

Work sessions are public meetings facilitated by staff related to a specific topic. Information is presented to Council by staff and invited guests. Council does not vote or take any action because work sessions are information only. Public testimony is not taken. The public and press may attend all work sessions when held in person or watch the live broadcast online or on cable tv.

Work sessions will be held virtually through mid-January. Space is available for community members to watch the live broadcast in the Portland Building at 1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Room 100, Portland, OR 97204.

Executive Sessions

Upcoming Executive Sessions

City Council meets in executive sessions to discuss matters including litigation and labor negotiations. Executive sessions are not broadcast or recorded and limited attendance is designated under Oregon Revised Statutes 192.660. Members of the press may contact the staff member listed on the meeting event to inquire about attending the executive session.

Public Hearings, Community Meetings, and Listening Sessions

Upcoming Public Hearings

Upcoming Community Meetings

Upcoming Listening Sessions

City Council may host or attend a public hearing, community meeting, or listening session on a particular topic of community interest. The public and press may attend when held in person or remotely. If public testimony will be taken, details for how to participate will be provided on the meeting event.

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Executive Session

Council Executive Session

Executive Session

Council Executive Session