Confirmed Agenda Items for City Council Meetings

Confirmed agenda items for City Council meetings are Times Certain items of public interest and indicate that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time stated. The Time Certain schedule is subject to change.

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
2:00 pm Improve land use regulations through the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package 10 (amend Title 33, Comprehensive Plan, and Official Zoning Map) (90 minutes requested)

JP McNeil

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Authorize the Eliot Area Parking Permit Program as the new area parking permit pilot directed by Council and the Centers and Corridors Parking Management Toolkit (20 minutes requested)

Rae-Leigh Stark

10:05 am Appoint Felisa Hagins and reappoint Gustavo J. Cruz, Jr. to the Prosper Portland Board for terms to expire June 30, 2027 (15 minutes requested)

Justin Douglas

10:20 am Amend Council Impact Statement to include economic impact analysis of any proposed regulatory changes (30 minutes requested)

Justin Douglas

10:50 am Appoint and reappoint Portland Parks & Recreation Board members for FY 2024-25 (10 minutes requested)

Michelle Tran

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
2:00 pm Accept the 2023 Annual Report on Sister City Activities (45 minutes requested)

Chido Dhliwayo

2:45 pm Accept Downtown Portland Clean and Safe Enhanced Services District Annual Report (1 hour requested)

Devin Reynolds

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am *Approve the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission FY 2024-25 Fund Budget (30 minutes requested)

Rebecca Gibbons

10:15 am Authorize a competitive solicitation in support of the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund’s Climate Investment Plan Strategic Program 10: Community-Based Organization Capacity Building Program not to exceed $2.5 million over five years (30 minutes requested)

Angela Previdelli

10:45 am Juneteenth Proclamation (15 minutes requested)

Tyesha McCool-Riley

2:00 pm Council convenes to Adopt the Budget (3 hours requested)

Ruth Levine

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
2:00 pm N/NE OC report (45 minutes requested)

Anna Shook - council item contact

3:45 pm * Authorize a temporary operating loan between the Solid Waste Management Fund and the Recreational Cannabis Tax Fund of not more than $800,000 to provide interim funding for approved carry-over allocations and avoid negative fund balance at 2023-24 fiscal year-end (Ordinance) (45 minutes (1 of 2) requested)

Ruth Levine

Matthew Gierach

3:45 pm *Adopt the Supplemental Budget for the FY 2023-24 Over-expenditure process and make budget adjustments in various funds (45 minutes (2 of 2) requested)

Anthony Locke

Sara Morrissey

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
2:00 pm Authorize a one-year exception to Title 17 Underground Wiring Districts code to allow for the placement of decorative lighting across Portland Bureau of Transportation designated pedestrian plazas (exception to Code Section 17.60.020) (45 minutes (2 of 2) requested)

Sarah Figliozzi

2:45 pm *Accept a grant in the amount of $800,000 from U.S. Department of Transportation, authorize Intergovernmental Agreement for Reconnecting Albina Planning Project (1 hour requested)

Shane Valle

3:45 pm PCEF Strategic Program #6 (comprehensive e-bike access and support RFP authorization) (45 minutes requested)

Seema Ream-Rao