Confirmed Agenda Items for City Council Meetings

Confirmed agenda items for City Council meetings are Times Certain items of public interest and indicate that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time stated. The Time Certain schedule is subject to change.

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Proclaim February 2023 to be Black History Month (20 minutes requested)

Tyesha McCool-Riley

Ira Bailey

10:05 am Amend Planning and Zoning Code in accordance with the Electric Vehicle Ready Code Project Recommended Draft to create regulations and standards for electric vehicle infrastructure (Amend Code Title 33) (15 minutes requested)

Ingrid Fish

Phil Nameny

10:20 am Accept the Year Seven Bond Oversight Committee Report on the $68 million 2014 Parks General Obligation Bond (15 minutes requested)

Robin Laughlin

2:00 pm Amend the Planning and Zoning Code to clarify the rules for shelters to facilitate more shelter options for Portlanders in need (amend Code Title 33) (2 hours requested)

JP McNeil

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
10:00 am Downtown Clean and Safe Enhanced Services District Annual Report (25 minutes requested)

Karl Lisle

10:25 am Authorization for one-time reductions of past-due balances to coincide with revisions to the sewer-only special tax assessment process (Ordinance) (15 minutes requested)

Eli Rosborough

10:40 am Approve Submittal of a RAISE Grant to US Department of Transportation for Broadway Street Improvements (30 minutes requested)

Justin Douglas

2:00 pm Portland Children's Levy BALLOT (2 hours requested)

Darion Jones

4:00 pm Refer the Transparency Advocate Charter amendment to the May 2023 special election (1 hour requested)

Reed Brodersen

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Planning Commission appointments (30 minutes requested)

Patricia Diefenderfer

10:15 am Amend Vehicles and Traffic Code and direct Portland Bureau of Transportation to adopt Administrative Rules to create a process for the installation of electric vehicle chargers in the public right-of-way (add Code Sections 16.20.290 and 16.90.111) (30 minutes requested)

Jacob Sherman

Kristin Hull

Hannah Morrison

10:45 am Declare intent to initiate local improvement district formation proceedings to construct street improvements west of NW 83rd Pl in the NW Reed Dr Local Improvement District (C-10073) (20 minutes requested)

Andrew Aebi