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Confirmed Agenda Items for City Council Meetings

Confirmed agenda items for City Council meetings are Times Certain items of public interest and indicate that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time stated. The Time Certain schedule is subject to change.

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Appoint members to the Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing (15 minutes requested)

PCCEP Staff Support

10:00 am Accept 2018-2022 Arts Education and Access Fund Impact Report (15 minutes requested)

Jeff Hawthorne

10:15 am *Amend Sidewalk Cafes Code, Underground Wiring Districts Code, administrative rules, and associated fee schedule to reflect changes in the Outdoor Dining program for clarity, consistency, and ease of administration (amend Code Chapter 17.25, Code Section 17.60.110, TRN-3.450, and TRN-10.04) (30 minutes requested)

David McEldowney

Adrianne Schaefer-Borrego

10:45 am Proclaim September 25-29, 2023 to be National Advanced Practice Provider Week (15 minutes requested)

Megan Lehman

2:00 pm Accept Halprin Landscape Conservancy Keller Auditorium Renovation Design Concept report (1 hour requested)

Karl Lisle

Lauren Broudy

3:00 pm Proclaim September 15-October 15, 2023 to be Latinx Heritage Month (20 minutes requested)

Anamaria Perez

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Proclaim October 2023 to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month (20 minutes requested)

Megan Lehman

10:05 am Proclaim October 2023 to be Filipino-American History Month
(20 minutes requested)

Megan Lehman

10:25 am Appoint and reappoint members to the Citizen Review Committee, an advisory board to the City of Portland's Independent Police Review and the Police Bureau's Internal Affairs (15 minutes requested)

Gayla Jennings

2:00 pm Amend Title 33, Planning and Zoning, and the Zoning Map to reduce the impacts of future flooding on the city and prevent the degradation of floodplain habitat for endangered and threatened fish species (amend Code Title 33 and the Zoning Map) (30 minutes (1 of 2) requested)

Jeff Caudill

2:00 pm Amend Flood Hazard Areas Code to comply with Federal Emergency Management Agency National Flood Insurance Program requirements and modify compensatory excavation and removal requirements (amend Code Chapter 24.50 and 24.10) (30 minutes (2 of 2) requested)

Jason Butler-Brown

2:30 pm *Adopt the FY 2023-24 Fall Supplemental Budget and make other budget-related changes (1 hour (1 of 2) requested)

Robert Cheney

2:30 pm *Update the Fund Statement of Purpose for the Recreational Cannabis Tax Fund to allow to require the City Budget Office to establish a set aside funds for an operating reserve policy (Ordinance) (1 Hour (2 of 2) requested)

Robert Cheney

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
10:00 am Appoint Members to the Cully Tax Increment Finance District Community Advisory Committee (30 minutes requested)

Justin Douglas

2:00 pm Waste Franchise Review & Amendments (1 hour requested)

Julie Ocken

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Report on Office of Events and Film (30 minutes requested)

Justin Douglas

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
2:00 pm Accept Tax Increment Finance Impact Study (1 hour requested)

Justin Douglas