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Confirmed Agenda Items for City Council Meetings

Confirmed agenda items for City Council meetings are Times Certain items of public interest and indicate that an item will not be heard by Council prior to the time stated. The Time Certain schedule is subject to change.

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Proclaim February 27, 2024 to be the 20th Anniversary of INCIGHT (20 minutes requested)

Jill Souede

10:05 am Appoint Amy Vohs and Kristian McCombs to the Development Review Advisory Committee for terms to expire February 27, 2027 (10 minutes requested)

Ross Caron
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

10:15 am Proclaim February 2024 to be Art and Black History Month (20 minutes requested)

Darion Jones

Megan Lehman

2:00 pm Authorize a non-binding term sheet with Rip City Management LLC and Trail Blazers, Inc. for Rose Quarter Operating and Lease Agreements (1 hour requested)

Karl Lisle

3:00 pm *Amend Downtown Business Incentive Credit Code to expand eligibility (amend Code Section 7.02.875) (45 minutes requested)

Andrew Fitzpatrick

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Proclaim March 11, 2024 to be the 10-year tenure of Portland Columbia Symphony’s Music Director Steven Byess (20 minutes requested)

Megan Lehman

2:00 pm Phase out the use of gasoline leaf blowers to reduce public health impacts (Ordinance; add Code Chapter 8.66) (90 minutes requested)

Sonrisa Cooper

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
10:00 am *Amend Intergovernmental Agreement for the Interstate-5 Rose Quarter Project between the State of Oregon, Department of Transportation (ODOT) and City of Portland, Oregon for Planning, Design Services and Permiting (amend Contract No. 30008180) (30 minutes (2 of 2) requested)

Caitlin Reff

10:00 am *Accept project update reflecting the design refinements for the I-5 Rose Quarter Project and direct further actions (30 minutes (1 of 2) requested)

Sharon Daleo

2:00 pm Accept the Portland Design Commission 2023 State of the City Design Report (1 hour requested)

Tim Heron

3:00 pm Accept the Portland Historic Landmarks Commission 2023 State of the City Preservation Report (1 hour requested)

Staci Monroe

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
9:45 am Adopting a Revised City Council Impact Statement (30 minutes requested)

Justin Douglas

Start Time Agenda Item Contact
4:00 pm City Council to convene as Prosper Portland Budget Committee to approve the FY 2024-25 Budget (1 hour requested)

Tony Barnes