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Irving Park Stormwater Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Nature patch work was completed in February 2021. Rain garden and green street planter design is in progress and will continue through summer 2022. Construction of the rain gardens and green street planters is currently scheduled to begin summer 2023.
Environmental Services and Portland Parks & Recreation are collaborating on a project to build nature patches and rain gardens to manage stormwater in Irving Park. The project will help prevent nearby flooding, sewer basement backups, and sewage overflows into the Willamette River during storms.

NW Westover Road Sewer Repairs

Sewer and Stormwater
Construction began in September 2022 and will continue through the Spring of 2023.
Environmental Services continues construction on a project to build almost 1,600 feet of public sewer improvements in NW Westover Road, NW Summit Avenue, and NW Lovejoy Street. This project will reduce risks of basement sewer backups and street flooding.
Construction is scheduled to begin Monday, March 27 and be completed by September 2023.
Environmental Services will construct a project that removes 22 aging sumps throughout the City and replaces them with 17 new sumps and 10 new sedimentation manholes. This work will help control stormwater runoff and sewer backups.