Services and Resources for Construction and development

You need a building permit application for building permits, site development permits and zoning permits. Also, find the electrical permit, mechanical permit and the plumbing permit applications and the simple erosion control requirements form. For City of Portland and Maywood Park building permits.
The Facility Permit Program (FPP) is designed to serve customers with on-going interior tenant improvements where facility maintenance, upgrade and renovations are frequent.
Schedule a free 15-minute meeting with a construction, zoning and development expert. Ask questions about building permit submittal requirements and zoning. Get help with the permit process, ask zoning requirements questions, building codes and more. Language access is available.

Zoning Questions

Many commonly asked questions about zoning and allowable uses of property within the City of Portland are addressed here.
The 2020 Source Control Manual became effective Dec. 14. The manual sets City policy for drainage and discharges resulting from development and post-development activities for site-specific activities like waste storage, loading and unloading, exterior storage and processing, and dewatering.
The 2020 Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM) became effective Dec.14, 2020. The manual sets City policy and design requirements for stormwater management on all development, redevelopment, and improvement projects on both public and private property in Portland.
Get helpful tips for presenting testimony at a public hearing.
Central City in Motion is PBOT's effort to plan, prioritize, and implement transportation improvements in the city’s core. This planning effort prioritized eighteen projects, including new pedestrian crossings, bus lanes, and bikeways.
Read about the mission, goals, values and equity commitment of the Bureau of Development Services. Get information about visiting BDS, our operating plan and the Development Services organizational chart. Review Director Rebecca Esau's calendar.
The Downtown-Old Town Sewer Repair Program is a multi-year and multi-million-dollar investment to assess the condition and capacity of the aging public sewer system serving Portland's Downtown and Old Town neighborhoods and to construct the necessary repairs and upgrades.
The Central City 2035 project, its timing and related efforts.
The City of Portland is developing proposals to address tree preservation during development activities.
About the Safe Routes to School program at the Portland Bureau of Transportation.
Purpose, background, timeline, and contact information for the SW Corridor Inclusive Communities project.
The Adjustment Committee reviews adjustment requests to the development standards of Title 33 Planning and Zoning Regulations as authorized under Portland City Code 33.710.070.
Learn more about the Alternative Technology Advisory Committee. This Committee was dissolved.
The Bureau of Development Services' (BDS) Financial Advisory Committee reviews and provides feedback on the econometric forecasting models used to project bureau revenues and development activity in Portland. Expenditure projections are also reviewed.
The Budget Advisory Committee evaluates the Bureau of Development Services' budget request.
The Building Code Board of Appeal is authorized under Portland City Code 24.10.080 and the State of Oregon Structural Specialty Code.
Get information about mission of the Development Review Advisory Committee.