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Request a Training, Security Assessment, or Help with Community Building Ideas

A photo taken of bicyclist and pedestrians walking across the Portland Steel Bridge.
The Safe Blocks Program provides no-cost trainings and services to Portlanders. Our trainings range in topics from personal safety to public safety resources to creating fun and safe spaces.

Trainings & Services 


Personal Safety

This two-hour workshop provides a safe space to learn tools for keeping yourself and others safe including assertiveness, de-escalation, escape options, and how to support others who may be targeted. This hands-on workshop builds on the basics of understanding and listening to our true intuition — clearing the way of our implicit biases.

CPTED Basics 

This 1.5 hour virtual training provides a basic understanding of the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Learn about specific projects in Portland where environmental changes have been implemented to create safer spaces. 

Training Development

The Safe Blocks Program will continue to develop relevant safety related trainings for the community based on trends and community requests. 


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

A typical CPTED assessment starts with a team member meeting with the property owner/manager and tenants to walk around the property for about an hour to learn about how the space is used and what the concerns are. Then they discuss with them the principals of CPTED:

  • Visibility- Is there good visibility across the space or does it feel isolated?
  • Access Control- Who is gaining access to the property and how?
  • Territoriality- Is it clear where public space changes into private space?
  • Activity Support- What is being done to bring positive activity into the space?
  • Maintenance- Is the space run down (broken fences/lights, etc.) or well maintained?

We will discuss ways to hold placemaking activities in and around the space and offer to provide support in those efforts.

  • Reaching out to neighboring businesses and homes to do a clean-up
  • Improve lighting and trim vegetation in a community space

After the walkthrough, we will build a report with photos, recommendations, and resources. We then follow-up three months later to see how the improvements have helped and if there were any barriers to making improvements. 

Community Building Ideas and Placemaking 

We can help you with community building ideas and placemaking projects. We work with community members, community based organizations, and city/county bureaus and programs to support community-led projects and ideas. Please reach out to us to discuss your idea!

How to Request a Training or Service:

To request a training or service, we ask that you fill out a quick form. This should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Once we receive your form, one of our Safe Blocks Program Coordinators will get back to you to schedule a phone call to learn more about your request. 

Request a Training or Service 

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