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Portland Office of Violence Prevention announces Safer Portland grant recipients

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The Portland Office of Violence Prevention is pleased to award the 2024-2025 Safer Portland Grant to the following organizations to help reduce gun violence through community-based prevention efforts:

Selection Process

The Office of Violence Prevention received 62 applications for the $800,000 grant and was unable to award funds to many organizations doing important gun violence prevention work in the community.

A selection committee reviewed each application. The scoring criteria are available at -


Safer Portland prioritizes prevention efforts in Cully, Hazelwood, Eliot, and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods, along with other areas known for high gun violence rates. Examples of programs supported by the grant include:

  • Preventative programs, workshops, camps, and events; 
  • Flexible funds for direct community assistance and services; 
  • Youth and adult mediation and mentoring programs;
  • Arts and culture or recreational violence preventative programs;
  • Aftercare support funds for families of victims; and 
  • Capacity building in small contractors to provide services.