Gun Violence Reduction Grant 2023-2024

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Gun Violence Reduction Grant

The Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) addresses the complex factors that drive violence in our city. Our core mission is to reduce gun violence in Portland. The Office of Violence Prevention provides strategic direction and oversight for City efforts to reduce risk the of violence through linked strategies in partnership with government, non-profit, neighborhood, and faith organizations. Families and communities will be safer and more secure, supported, and healthy because a coalition is very involved in meaningful violence prevention efforts.

OVP views gun violence as a public health issue, because not only does it cause injury and death, but it also erodes the physical, psychological, social, and economic health and development of nearly everyone in affected communities. Gun violence reduces life expectancy, inflicts trauma, limits opportunity and achievement, and further entrenches inequities. The Public health approach defines gun violence as a virus and therefore it is treatable and preventable. This approach is multi-disciplinary and requires a multi-sector approach.

The goal for OVP’s FY2023-24 Gun Violence Reduction Grants is to reduce gun violence in both near the and long term. Our shared public health model demonstrates this goal can be achieved by implementing evidenced-based violence prevention strategies in both upstream (primary prevention) and downstream (secondary prevention) lanes of prevention.

The Office of Violence Prevention is offering a total of $950,000 in grants, comprising $750,000 in large grants and $200,000 in small grants.

 The FY23/24 Gun Violence Reduction Grant Program is open to organizations located in the States of Oregon and Washington providing services within the City of Portland and Multnomah County.

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