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How Ceasefire Works

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Gun Violence Problem Analysis

Ceasefire begins with a problem analysis that identifies individuals within a community at greatest risk of violence and helps tailor an intervention to reduce that risk. A “problem analysis” is a set of data collection and analysis exercises designed to support the implementation of violence reduction strategies, including Ceasefire. 

Weekly Shooting Reviews

The weekly shooting review is a collaborative meeting led by the Portland Police Bureau that drives strategic law enforcement efforts. The meeting convenes key stakeholders, including the Portland Police Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Multnomah Department of Community Justice, and neighboring jurisdictions in an investigative setting. 

During the meeting, recent shooting incidents from the past week are carefully examined to gain insights into group conflicts and identify hotspots. The review's success relies on breaking down organizational barriers and exchanging information among the participants. 

The meeting also serves as a platform to identify solutions with specific actions for immediate attention.

Ceasefire staff bring information learned at the review to the weekly coordination meeting, follow up on referrals, and conduct custom notifications.

Weekly Coordination Meetings

The weekly coordination meetings are led by the Ceasefire Program Director. Participants include law enforcement, the Portland Office of Violence Prevention, and community-based organizations providing intensive case management.

The meetings develop tailored intervention strategies for individuals or groups aimed at reducing gun violence and enhancing broader community safety. 

Participants are responsible for promptly addressing and implementing action items assigned during the meeting. 

Direct & Respectful Communication

Once specific individuals or groups are identified through the data collected by the Gun Violence Problem Analysis and selected in a Shooting Review, they are informed of their risks and offered support. This direct and respectful communication is usually done in a small meeting with the individual (often referred to as an Individual/ Custom Notification).

During the custom notification, representatives from law enforcement, the community, and Ceasefire help convey the concern of the recent incident that has brought them to the shooting review. 

Assignments to Outreach

Referrals are made to community-based organizations based on their unique relationships with the community. Outreach teams have a deep understanding of community dynamics and help interrupt potential violence.

Intensive Case Management

The Intensive Case Managers are dedicated to fostering authentic and trusting relationships with their clients, prioritizing the enhancement of positive life skills. They focus on connecting clients with resources and support to facilitate their personal growth and development.

Focused Supervision & Enforcement

Law enforcement refines individual and group-specific strategies while developing performance metrics to effectively execute a focused enforcement effort targeting gun violence while de-prioritizing minor offenses. This approach aims to reduce the law enforcement footprint while enhancing public safety.

Performance Management/Continual Improvement

A data performance management meeting is held once a month to ensure the continuous evaluation and refinement of Ceasefire's gun violence reduction strategy. Participants include the Portland Police Bureau, Ceasefire staff, and the Office of Violence Prevention.

During the meeting, partners report on metrics related to the strategy.