Chapter 8.65 Smoking

City Code Chapter

(Chapter replaced by Ordinance 165468, effective May 27, 1992.)

8.65.020 Smoking Prohibited Buildings.

(Amended by Ordinances 180917 and 181436, effective December 21, 2007.) 

  1. No person shall smoke or carry any lighted smoking instrument in the interior portion or within 50 feet of the exterior of any building if
  2. A.  The building is owned by the City; and,
  3. B.   The building is occupied by City employees as their work site, except for certain areas of Portland Fire & Rescue that are or can be fully opened to the out of doors as designated by the Fire Chief.
  4. The exterior no-smoking zone shall be measured from the building footprint including any exterior structural elements such as portico and loggia.  The exterior no-smoking zone shall not extend into any property adjacent to the building or onto the roadway, but does include driveways, planting strips, sidewalks and pedestrian ways within 50 feet of the building.