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Chapter 8.48 General Public and Employee Facilities

City Code Chapter

8.48.010 Common Drinking Cups and Towels.

  1. It is unlawful for any person in the control or charge of any railroad station, public or private school, public building, office building, hotel, saloon, restaurant, theater, armory or any public place of amusement, or any establishment in which human food is handled, or in any library maintained for or used by the general public, to place, furnish or keep any common drinking cup or common towel for public use or to permit such public use.
  2. “Common drinking cup” as used in this Section means any vessel or utensil used in conveying water to the mouth and available to the common use of the public guests, patrons, or inmates in the places mentioned herein.  “Common towel” as used herein means a roller towel or towel intended or available for common use by more than one person without being thoroughly cleansed and sterilized after such use.

8.48.020 Public Drinking Fountain.

  1. All schools shall be supplied with sanitary drinking fountains having bubbling cups and jets.  All public drinking fountains shall be constructed and supplied with bubbling cups and jets and maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.  This Section shall not apply to any fountains used exclusively by animals.

8.48.030 Seats for Employees.

  1. Every employer in any manufacturing or mercantile establishment, store, department store, laundry, hotel or restaurant or other establishments shall provide for all employees a sufficient number of suitable seats, which in no case shall be less than one seat for each three employees, and shall permit them to use such seats when such employees are not engaged in active duties of their employment.

8.48.040 Seats in Elevators.

  1. Any person owning or maintaining any elevator for the convenience of the public or tenants of any building who shall employ any person to operate such elevator shall furnish and keep in use in such elevator one comfortable and convenient stool or seat for the use and accommodation of the operator of such elevator during the time when such person shall be employed in operating the same.  Stools shall also be provided for employees generally known as elevator starters, and shall be placed in the lobby of such building where such starters have their stand, while on duty.

8.48.050 Toilet Facilities for Industrial Employees.

  1. Every place of industrial employment shall be provided with adequate toilet facilities which are separate for each sex, except as hereinafter provided.  Separate accommodations shall be apart from each other and have their own separate approaches.  The one for men shall be clearly marked “MEN” and the one for women shall be clearly marked “WOMEN.”
  2. A.  Toilet rooms.  Toilet rooms shall be readily accessible to employees using them.  No toilet facilities shall be more than one floor above or below the regular place of work of the persons using them, unless passenger elevators are available for employee’s use in going to and from toilet rooms.  Toilet facilities shall be located within 200 feet of all locations at which workers are regularly employed.
  3. The door to every toilet room shall be fitted with an effective self‑closing device and screened so that the compartments are not visible from the working room.
  4. All compartment doors shall be supplied with latch.  No toilet room shall open directly into a room where food is prepared, stored, served, manufactured or processed.
  5. B.  Water closets and urinals.  One water closet shall be deemed adequate when not more than five males and females are required to use the same accommodations.  When there are more than a total of five persons, males and females, employed or engaged, separate accommodations for each sex shall be provided according to the following table:
Minimum Number of PersonsNumber of Water Closets
6 to 91
10 to 242
25 to 493
50 to 744
75 to 1005
Over 1001 for each additional 30 persons
  1. When three or more water closets are required for men, one urinal may be substituted for one water closet, up to a maximum of one‑third of the total water closets required.  Whenever urinals are used they shall be of the wall type or pedestal type urinals equipped with an integral trap.  Urinals shall be flushed by a flush‑meter valve equipped with a vacuum breaker or by an elevated urinal flush tank.  An adequate supply of toilet paper shall be provided for every water closet.  Dry, covered depositories for refuse shall be kept in all toilet rooms used by females.
  2. C.  Washing facilities.  Adequate facilities for maintaining personal cleanliness shall be provided.  The same shall be conveniently located for the employees for whom they are provided and shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.
  3. Individual towels of cloth or paper shall be provided and proper receptacles maintained for disposing of used towels.  Other apparatus for drying the hands may be substituted for towels only after approval by the Health Officer.  Unless the general washing facilities are on the same floor and in close proximity to the toilet rooms, adequate washing facilities shall be provided in every toilet room or adjacent thereto.
  4. A suitable cleansing agent shall be provided at each wash basin.
  5. At least one wash basin with an adequate supply of hot and cold water shall be provided for every 20 employees or portion thereof, up to 100 persons; and one wash basin for each additional 25 persons or portion thereof.  Twenty‑four inches of the circumference of a wash fountain shall be considered equal to one basin.
  6. A wash basin supplied with hot and cold water from one facet shall be provided near the place of work for every five employees exposed to skin contamination by any poisonous, infectious or irritating material.

8.48.060 Drinking Fountains for Employees.

  1. There shall be provided in all places of employment an adequate supply of clean, cool, wholesome and safe drinking water which is readily accessible to all employees.  All water furnished for drinking purposes shall be from the City water supply.
  2. The common drinking cup is prohibited.  When individual disposable drinking cups are supplied, there shall be provided a suitable container for the unused cups and also a receptacle for disposing of the used cups.
  3. All drinking fountains shall be of an approved sanitary type.  The water supply shall be provided with an adjustable valve fitted with a loose key or an automatic self‑closing valve permitting regulation of the rate of flow of water.  The water issuing from the orifice shall be of sufficient volume and height so that persons using the fountain need not come in direct contact with the orifice guard.
  4. Combination faucets and drinking fountain appliances shall not be used.  Drinking fountains shall not be installed on wash basins.  Drinking fountains shall not be installed in toilet rooms.  Expectorating upon the walls, floors, workplaces, stairs or other parts of any establishment is prohibited.  Cuspidors, if used, shall be of such construction that they can be kept clean and disinfected, and they shall be cleaned often enough, and at least daily, to prevent them from becoming in any way a menace to health.