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Microsoft CrowdStrike technology outage

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8.36.040 Noisome Odors or Vapors.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 167943, effective July 27, 1994.) 

  1. The rendering, heating, processing, or steaming of any animal or vegetable product or substance generating noisome or offensive odors shall be conducted using methods to entirely condense, decompose, deodorize or destroy the odors, vapors, or gaseous products.  Such methods may include airtight cooking or rendering kettles, tanks or boilers, fitted with proper escapes or vents for steam used in rendering or cooking.  Escaping steam shall be released through traps or other means so as to not cause unnecessary annoyance or create a nuisance by generating noisome or offensive odors in its disposal.  No person shall burn upon any premises or in any street, alley or other place, any animal or vegetable substance which shall create an offensive or noxious odor.