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8.32.090 Electrical Regulations and Connections for Trailer Coaches.

Where facilities are provided for the supply of electrical energy to trailer coaches while in court, the following requirements shall be complied with:

A.  At least one weatherproof fused receptacle outlet with fuses located in locked enclosure shall be installed for each unit.  This outlet shall be so located that not more than 30 feet of portable conductor will be required to connect with trailer coach wiring.  The rating of fuses protecting trailer coach outlet shall not exceed three amperes, unless the trailer coach is wired in compliance with the National Electrical Code;

B.  Overhead yard wires supplying trailer coach outlet shall have a clearance above ground of not less than 15 feet, except across spaces accessible to pedestrians only, in which case the clearance above ground shall be not less than 10 feet.  Wires connecting to trailer coach outlets shall be installed in conduit or electrical metallic tubic where less than 8 feet from the ground;

C.  Portable cord used for the connection of trailer coach unit shall be of a type approved for hard service and shall not be less in size than no. 16, B & S gauge.  Where the trailer coach wiring is approved for use with fuses in excess of three amperes, as permitted above, the cord shall have a current carrying capacity at least equal to the fuse rating;

D.  In all other respects the permanent wiring of the court shall comply with the electrical Code of the City;

E.  No trailer coach shall be connected to the court electric system if the electrical division finds the wiring of any such trailer coach to be hazardous.

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