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8.32.070 Sanitation.

A.  Water from City mains shall be provided for the court so that water either is furnished directly to each coach or is accessible for the occupants of each coach by a faucet located in accordance with the rules of the State Board of Health, but in no case shall each faucet be over 100 feet from any coach.

B.  Trailer coaches provided with water closets, sinks, lavatories, or showers shall be connected to the City sewer system or to a sewer system approved by the Health Officer.

C.  To serve more than 10 dependent coaches, additional fixtures shall be provided in the following ratios:

1.  Toilet facilities for males and females shall be separated, if located in the same building, by sound resistant wall;

2.  A lavatory for each sex shall be provided for every 10 dependent trailer coaches or fraction thereof.  A bathtub or shower stall in a separate compartment shall be provided for each sex in the ratio of one for every 12 dependent trailer coaches or fraction thereof;

3.  There shall be provided not less than one sink for every 10 units requiring sink facilities;

4.  All rooms used by the public for toilet purposes shall be lighted at night with illumination amounting to not less than two foot candles in all portions of the room.

D.  All trailer courts shall be kept free from refuse, weeds and brambles.

There shall be provided for each two units at least one approved galvanized metal garbage can of not less than 20 gallon capacity, provided with a close‑fitting cover, which can be set on a base at least 6 inches above the ground.  Such can shall be emptied at least once every 24 hours, and the garbage disposed of in a manner approved by the Health Officer.  The garbage cans shall be thoroughly cleaned before they are returned to the units.

No washing or cleaning of coaches or of the propelling vehicles, other than dusting or brushing out, shall be done while in the court, unless such washing or cleaning is performed over a wash‑rack provided with a drain conforming to the regulations of the plumbing division.

All plumbing and plumbing fixtures shall be properly installed to conform to the requirements of the plumbing division and shall be maintained in good operating condition at all times.

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