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8.24.240 Building and Equipment of Child Caring Institutions.

City Code Section

A.  All buildings in which children are housed shall be placed on a well-drained ground and separated from stables and barns at least 200 feet.

B.  All buildings shall be built to comply with the sanitary regulations of the State Board of Health and the Bureau of Health.

C.  All institution buildings including school buildings which are more than one story in height shall be fitted with easily accessible fire escapes to provide for the rapid emptying of buildings in case of fire.

D.  The minimum requirements for rooms for a child caring institution are:

1.  Playground.  The playground should be well equipped.  Sufficient outdoor space shall be provided so that each child shall have at least 15 square feet of space.  Provision shall be made for a part of the playground to be covered and protected from rain, and this area must contain a minimum of 5 square feet of space per child.

2.  Playroom.  The playroom shall provide at least 15 square feet of floor space for each child.  The walls and floors must be finished so as to be washable, and the rooms shall be cleaned daily.  The furniture and toys shall be constructed of material that is washable and easily cleaned.  The use of lead base paint in such rooms is prohibited.

3.  Rest or sleeping room.  The rest or sleeping room shall be used exclusively for sleeping purposes and shall furnish at least 500 cubic feet of air space for each child.  Separate beds or cots shall be provided for each child.  The bends shall have satisfactory springs in good repair and they shall be kept clean.  All the sleeping rooms shall provide at least 50 square feet of floor space for each bed.  When beds are placed side by side, there shall be a minimum space of 5 feet between the beds so that the face of the occupants may be at least 6 feet apart.  Adequate ventilation shall be provided for these rooms;

4.  Dining room.  The dining room shall have walls and floor finished so as to be washable.  The tables, chairs and eating utensils shall be kept clean;

5.  Kitchen equipment.  Kitchen equipment shall be adequate for the service of good meals.  Kitchen utensils shall be kept in good repair and so designed as to be easily cleaned.  Utensils contained or plated with cadmium or lead shall not be used;

6.  Isolation room.  An isolation room shall be provided for the treatment and care of children who are suspected of having communicable disease, and be available at all times;

7.  Lavatories and bathrooms.  The lavatories and bathrooms shall be equipped with washbasins and toilets of such a size that they may be used by the children without assistance.  Every toilet shall be scrubbed daily with soap and water.  Each ward or corridor shall be provided with at least one bath and toilet for every 15 children.  Each child shall be given an individual towel, toothbrush and comb;

8.  Receiving ward.  A receiving ward shall be provided where new children are received and isolated for the required time to prevent the introduction of communicable disease into the institution.

E.  Floors shall be of such construction as to be easily cleaned and maintained.  Walls shall be of smooth and washable material.

F.  There must be a heating plant capable of maintaining a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit at a point 24 inches above the floor in all rooms occupied by the children.

G.  All living and sleeping rooms shall have window space of at least twenty percent of the floor area and shall be constructed to give sufficient light and ventilation.

H.  A water supply under pressure from the City water mains shall be provided in ample quantity for the needs of the institution.

I.  The sewage of the institution shall be disposed of in a manner approved by the Bureau of Health, and in accordance with applicable ordinances of the City.

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