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8.24.040 Definitions Generally.

City Code Section

The following words and phrases shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section:

A.  “Duly licensed” when applied to a person means that the person to whom the term is applied has been duly and regularly licensed by the proper authority to follow his or her profession or vocation with the State; when applied to a hospital or institution means that the same has been issued a permit to operate by the Bureau of Health and has been duly and regularly licensed in accordance with Chapter 7.28 of this Code;

B.  “Registered nurse” means a person graduated from any accredited school of nursing and currently registered through the Oregon State Board for Examinations and Registration of Graduate Nurses;

C.  “Licensed practical nurse” means a person licensed in the State as a practical nurse;

D.  “Bureau of Health” means the Bureau of Health of the City;

E.  “Ambulatory person” means a person who, unaided, is physically and mentally capable of walking a normal path to safety, including the ascent and descent of stairs.