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Chapter 8.08 Administration

City Code Chapter

8.08.020 Powers of the Council Rules and Regulations.

  1. The Council shall have the management and control of the City hospital, ambulance service receiving hospitals, and supervision of all matters pertaining to the preservation, promotion and protection of the lives and health of the inhabitants of the City.  It may adopt rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the Charter or City ordinances, for determining the character of nuisances, and providing for their abatement, and the discharge of its functions in general.  Such rules shall be kept on file in the Auditor’s Office.
  2. It shall have the sanitary supervision of all institutions of the City, including jails, schoolhouses and all public buildings; of the disposition of the dead; of the disposition of garbage, offal and other offensive substances.
  3. It shall have the exclusive control and disposition of all expenditures necessary in the institution under its immediate control.

8.08.030 Duties of the Bureau of Health.

  1. The Bureau of Health shall enforce all ordinances, rules and regulations which may be adopted for the carrying out and enforcement of a good sanitary condition in the City; for the protection of the public health; for determining the nature and character of nuisances and for their abatement by the Bureau of Nuisance Abatement; and when acting as a local registrar under the authority of ORS 432.035, for securing the proper registration of births, deaths and other statistical information.

8.08.040 Enforcement of State Law.

  1. The Health Officer and his duly appointed deputies shall perform the duties required by ORS 432, and such other laws of the state as provided for the registration of births and deaths.

8.08.050 Copies of Records.

  1. Except as herein provided, the Health Officer shall charge and collect from every applicant seeking information respecting the record of any death or birth, and shall also charge and collect from every applicant for a certified copy of any death or birth certificate, a fee of $1 for making the search to determine whether such death or birth certificate is of record in his office.  Payment of an additional $1 fee shall entitle the applicant to a certified copy of any death or birth certificate, except that the total fee for the birth registration card as distinguished from a birth certificate, shall be only $1, if the same be found of record, and, if not of record, to a certificate so stating; provided, that local and federal governmental agencies or other official agencies may obtain such information by direct verification from the Bureau of Health or receive a certified copy of such certificate free of charge or fee, upon request by the agency involved or the individual concerned, such verification or certificate upon such request to be transmitted directly to the agency and not to the individual; and provided further, that verification of such record for use in connection with a claim based upon war veterans’ benefits shall be supplied free of charge or fee to the Veterans’ Administration or to the State Officer of Veterans’ Affairs for use as evidence of such claim involving war veterans’ benefits, upon the request of any war veteran or his duly appointed agent or the Director of Veterans’ Affairs or other agency processing such claim, such verification to be transmitted directly to the agency involved and not to the individual; and data relating to war veterans if requested by the director of Veterans’ Affairs shall be forwarded to said Director free of charge.