7.27.030 Authority, Complaints and Investigation.

City Code Section
  1. A. The Director is authorized to adopt, amend, repeal and enforce administrative rules interpreting, applying, and administering the provisions of this Chapter.
  2. B. The Director is authorized and directed to enforce all provisions of this Chapter. The Director may delegate any or all authority granted under this Section to any Revenue Division officer, employee or agent (“designee”).
  3. C. The Director may receive complaints from restaurants and delivery service drivers by telephone or in writing.
  4. D. The Director shall have the power to investigate any and all complaints regarding alleged violations of this Chapter or the administrative rules.
  5. E. The Director shall have the authority to administer an administrative subpoena for the purpose of collecting any information necessary to investigate complaints and enforce any provisions of this Chapter. The Director may inspect, examine, and copy any books, papers, records, invoices and other data needed to investigate a compliant. Third-party food platforms shall maintain books and records for at least three years, including but not limited to all written agreements with restaurants and delivery service drivers, records listing itemized fees the third-party food platform has charged to restaurants, and records demonstrating compliance with this Chapter, sufficient for the Director to investigate complaints and issue a decision. Such books and records shall be made available to the Director immediately upon demand.
  6. F. Upon completing an investigation into allegations in a complaint, the Director or designee shall issue a decision that includes written findings of fact and conclusions of law to support all decisions. Such decision may also include remedies.