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7.26.100 Complaints

City Code Section

The Director shall have the authority to investigate any and all complaints alleging violation of this Chapter or administrative rules.

A.  The Director may receive complaints from Borrowers by telephone or in writing.  Within a reasonable time, the Director shall forward the complaint by telephone or in writing to the Payday Lender it concerns for investigation.

B.  The Payday Lender shall investigate the allegations of the complaint and report the results of the investigation and the proposed resolution of the complaint to the Director by telephone or in writing within two (2) business days from initial contact by the Director.

C.  If the proposed resolution is satisfactory to the Director, the Payday Lender shall proceed to resolve the complaint directly with the Borrower according to the resolution proposed to the Director.

D.  If the proposed resolution is not satisfactory to the Director, the Director shall conduct an independent investigation of the alleged complaint and propose an alternative resolution of the complaint.  If the Payday Lender accepts the proposed alternative resolution and offers it to the Borrower, the complaint shall be final.  If the Payday Lender refuses to accept and implement the proposed alternative resolution it shall be subject to remedies as provided by PCC 7.26.080.  In the event of imposition of remedies, the Payday Lender may appeal as provided by PCC 7.26.090.