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7.26.030 Permits

City Code Section

Within 60 days of the effective date of the ordinance enacting this Chapter, any Payday Lender operating in the City of Portland shall apply for and obtain a permit to operate as a Payday Lender.  Permits shall required for each location a lender operates in the City of Portland and shall be renewed annually. The application shall be in a form to be determined by the Director.  The Director shall require the Payday Lender to report its fee schedule in the Payday Lenders permit application.  No person shall operate a Payday lending business or loan any funds as a Payday Loan without a current permit to do business issued by the City of Portland.  The annual cost for the permit shall be $1,500.00, payable to the City of Portland; this permit is in addition to the City of Portland business license required by PCC 7.02.