Storm damage recovery

7.25.150 Insurance Required.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189333, effective February 1, 2019.)  Operators must provide and maintain commercial general liability insurance covering any and all claims for damage to property or personal injury, including death and automobile damage that may arise from operations under the registration.

A.  Such insurance must provide coverage of not less than $1 million combined single limit per occurrence, with aggregate of $1 million for bodily injury or property damage.

B.  The limits of the insurance are subject to statutory changes as to maximum limits of liability imposed on municipalities of the State of Oregon during the term of the registration.

C.  The insurance must be without prejudice to coverage otherwise existing.

D.  The insurance must name as additional insured the City and its officers, agents and employees. Notwithstanding the naming of additional insureds, the insurance must protect each insured in the same manner as though a separate policy had been issued to each, but nothing herein will operate to increase the insurer’s liability as set forth elsewhere in the policy beyond the amount or amounts which the insurer would have been liable if only one person or interest had been named as insured.

E.  The coverage must apply as to claims between insureds on the policy.

F.  The insurance policy must provide that it will not terminate or be canceled without 30 days written notice first being given to the Director.

G.  The adequacy of the insurance is subject to the approval of the City Attorney.

H.  Failure to maintain liability insurance is cause for immediate revocation of the registration of the Operator by the City.