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7.25.030 Definitions.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 186267, 186746 and 189333, effective February 1, 2019.)  

  1. Except where the context requires otherwise, the following words and phrases have the definitions given in Section 7.25.030:
  2. A.  “Administrative Fee” means a fee assessed by a department of motor vehicles for the purpose of determining the registered owner of a vehicle.
  3. B.  "Boot" means a mechanical device attached to a vehicle to prevent its movement.
  4. C.  "Director" means the Director of the Revenue Division of the Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services or a designee.
  5. D.  "Operator" means any person or entity whose business includes assessing and collecting penalties at Registered Facilities.
  6. E.  "Park" means to leave a vehicle standing, while the driver has exited the Registered Facility, or to leave a vehicle standing for more than 5 minutes.
  7. F.  "Parker" means any person in control of any vehicle that is parking at a Registered Facility.
  8. G.  “Parking Fee” means an amount collected in addition to the Penalty in pay and park facilities to compensate facility owners.
  9. H.  "Payment Device" means any device capable of accepting or receiving parking fee payments by cash or credit card and providing proof of payment.
  10. I.  "Penalty" means an amount assessed for failure to pay, or properly display proof of payment, for parking at a pay and park facility or for unauthorized or over-time parking at a non-pay private parking facility.
  11. J.  “Penalty Payment Letter” means the letter sent by the Operator to the last-known registered owner if payment of the Penalty is not received by the Operator within 10 days of the date the Penalty Notice was affixed to a vehicle.
  12. K.  "Penalty Notice" means the notice affixed to vehicles parked without payment, parked without properly displaying proof of payment or parked without authorization at a Registered Facility, and which is the initial demand for payment.
  13. L.   "Registered Facility" means a parking lot or structure that is accessible to the public that has been registered with the Revenue Division and is either:
    1. 1.  A non-pay private parking facility at which there is no charge for daily or transient parking, and parking or storage of vehicles is limited by time or authorization by the property owner/operator, and where the limitations are enforced by issuance of Penalty Notices; or
    2. 2.  A pay and park facility that is open for parking or storage of vehicles by the general public, at which a fee must be paid for parking, where payment of parking fees is enforced by issuance of Penalty Notices, and where Parkers receive a receipt or ticket at the time of payment that has the parking expiration time printed on it. 
    3. 3.  Registered Facility does not include property used for governmental purposes by any agency or special district if the agency or management of the special district performs their own enforcement of the parking policies on the property. If the agency or manager of the special district contracts with another entity to enforce parking policies, the property must be registered with the Revenue Division.
  14. M.  “Second Penalty Payment Letter” means the letter sent by the Operator to the registered owner if payment of the Penalty is not received by the Operator within 30 days of the mailing date of the first Penalty Payment Letter.