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7.24.080 Prohibitions.

City Code Section
  1. PPI towers will not:
  2. A.  Perform any PPI tows within the city limits of Portland, or from City-owned/operated property, unless the tower is registered with the City of Portland and in compliance with all provisions of this Chapter and administrative rules.
  3. B.  Charge any fee not listed in, or in excess of, those included in the fee schedule established by the Director.
  4. C.  Require any vehicle owner/owner's agent to make any statement or sign any document promising not to dispute validity of the tow or fees assessed or relieving the PPI tower from responsibility for the condition of the vehicle or its contents.
  5. D.  Require any vehicle owner/owner's agent to pay any fee, except a gate fee if after hours, as a condition of allowing them to inspect their vehicle or remove an animal or personal belongings of an emergency nature, within 15 days of the tow.
  6. E.  Solicit PPI towing business by means of payment of a gratuity, commission or any other consideration, except as provided in this PPI Code, to the private property owner, operator, manager or employee. This violation may result in revocation of the tower’s PPI permit, at the Director’s discretion.
  7. F.  Remove a vehicle from a private parking facility unless the hookup has been completed and all safety equipment has been attached.
  8. G.  Use predatory practices, as defined in PPI administrative rules, to secure PPI tows.
  9. H.   Release a vehicle designated as a PPI Police tow without a release or other authorization from the appropriate police agency.
  10. I.   Assess or collect a penalty or surcharge fee, in lieu of towing, unless the parking lot is registered as a pay and park facility in compliance with Chapter 7.25 "Pay and Park and Non-Pay Private Parking Facilities."
  11. J.   Make any false statements of material fact, misrepresent information in any document or omit disclosure of material fact in performance of activities regulated by this Code.
  12. K.   Pursuant to ORS 90.485, PPI towers shall not remove a legally parked vehicle because the vehicle’s registration has expired or is otherwise invalid.
  13. L.  Property owners or operators are prohibited from knowingly allowing an unpermitted PPI tower to impound vehicles from any property within the Portland city limits.
  14. M.  Property owners or operators may not require, solicit or accept payment from any PPI tower, nor from any person acting on behalf of a PPI tower, in exchange for authorization to tow from a property.
  15. N.  Pursuant to ORS 87.186, possessory liens by PPI towers may be foreclosed only by public auction held within the county in which the vehicle was towed.
  16. O.  No person shall attach a mechanical boot or any other immobilization device to any vehicle parked on private property or public right-of-way without consent of the vehicle owner.